Dinosaurs Guided Reading Play Scripts


Dinosaurs Guided Reading Scripts

Dinosaurs Guided Reading Scripts are short easy to read texts on dinosaurs designed to help teachers to teach small groups of children the reading processes and practice their reading skills.


Dinosaurs Guided Reading Scripts

Dinosaurs Guided Reading Scripts are short easy to read texts on dinosaurs designed to help teachers to teach small groups of children the reading processes and practice their reading skills.

Dinosaurs Guided Reading Scripts. Sample Texts from Meet The Dinosaurs

Play 1 ‘Favourites’

Dinosaurs Guided Reading Speakers:

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex     (T. Rex)
  • Diplodocus                  (Dippie)
  • Triceratops                  (Try)
  • Iguanodon                   Iggie
  • Brachiosaurus             Brachie
  • Stegosaurus                 Steg

Steg:                Hmm. Not blindingly obvious! But then I’m not famous for my brains!

T. Rex:            No. That goes for a lot of you ‘tiny headed’ plant eaters!

Dippie:            Nothing wrong with having a brain the size of a walnut!

Brachie:           Here! Here!  But what was your other name, Steg? I don’t think you got round to telling us.

Steg:                Er, um.

T.Rex:             Let me help! It’s ‘covered lizard’ or ‘roof lizzard’.

Steg:                Ah yes! That’s it! And of course I have that name because …. Er… um..

Try:                  Oh come on, Steg! Try a little harder!

Steg:                All right, Mister Try, Try and Try-again-ceratops!

Play 2 The Biggest!

Dinosaurs Guided Reading Speakers:

  • Seismosaurus                           (Cecil)
  • Mamenchisaurus                     (Mam)
  • Gigantosaurus                         Gig
  • Spinosaurus                             Spiny
  • Carcharodontosaurus              Car
  • Compsognathus                      Chicken

(Earth shaking)

Cecil:               Whoa! Sorry everyone! That happens every time I move!

Chicken:          Then please don’t! It’s really scary for one as small as me!

Car:                 Chicken! You’d better toughen up if you’re gonna stick around with us big boys!

Mam:               Yeah! Better be careful we don’t trip over this one!

Chicken:          I might be small but I could win a running race against you lot – hands down!

Cecil:               Well, if it came to feet down, you’d be well and truly squashed under me! The biggest!

Mam:               And without wishing to stick my neck out …. Guess what I’m most famous for?

Gig:                 Nothing to do with having the longest neck ever, I don’t suppose?

Play 3 The Deadliest

Dinosaurs Guided Reading Speakers:

  • Velociraptor    (‘fast robber’)
  • Deinonychus   (‘terrible claw’)
  • Troodon          (‘wounding tooth’)
  • Ankylosaurus  (‘stiff lizard’)
  • Allosaurus       (‘strange lizard’)
  • Albertosaurus  (‘lizard of Alberta)

Deinonychus:  Certainly could! Size isn’t everything, you know! I probably had the deadliest reputation out of all of you!

Allosaurus:      When you were hunting in packs you were unstoppable.

Deinonychus:  Indeed. I was the supreme pack hunter! I had no enemies. Not surprising with a name like ‘Terrible Claw’! My very own flick knife!

Velociraptor:   12 centimetres long! What a weapon!

Deinonychus:  Just brilliant for slashing and slicing!

Velociraptor:   And all those sharp teeth! I had 80! Just great for ripping and tearing!

Troodon:         And I had 100! Perfectly shaped for slicing through flesh! No wonder they called me ‘wounding tooth’!

Velociraptor:   And we certainly made up in speed what we lacked in size. I could reach speeds of 40 miles per hour! How fast could you giants go?

Allosaurus:      Er, um, around 12 miles per hour

Play 4 Head Bangers!

Dinosaurs Guided Reading Speakers:

  • Dilophosaurus             (2-Ridge)
  • Pachycephalosaurus    (Dome-head)
  • Parasaurolophus          (Long-crest)
  • Corythosaurus             (Helmet-head)
  • Tsintaosaurus              (Trumpet-head)
  • Stygimoloch                (Horn-head)

2-Ridge:          So, I’m guessing we’re not all heading for the nearest beauty pageant!

Dome-head:    I’m not ashamed of my …(pauses) slightly unusual looks!

Long-crest:      Nor me! We should be proud of our crests and lumps and bumps!

Helmet-head:  Right on! We’ve got nothing to hide ..

Trumpet-head: Not even under that helmet?!

Helmet-head:  Or what about up your trumpet?

Long-crest:      Huh! Nothing compared with my fog-horn!

Horn-head:      And speaking of horns …. Nobody’s got as many as me!

2-Ridge:          You old devil! What was it they called you?

Horn-head:      Horned devil from the river of death.

Play 5  Flyers and Swimmers

Dinosaurs Guided Reading Speakers:

  • Quetzalcoatlus                        Flyer
  • Pteranodon                  Flyer
  • Pterodactylus              Flyer
  • Suchomimus                Dinosaur
  • Elasmosaurus              Swimmer
  • Mosasaurus                 Swimmer

Pteranodon:                 (Sniffing) There’s something very fishy going on here.

Pterodactylus:             That’s it! We’re all – or nearly all – fish-eaters!

Mosasaurus:                Though I wasn’t fussy! I’d eat anything!

Elasmosaurus:             You certainly had the jaws for it! I guess you just swam along with them wide open!

Quetzalcoatlus:           Like my wings!

Pterodactylus:             What a sight! Just like a giant glider!

Pteradon:                     And I wasn’t far behind. I might not have been the biggest winged reptile that ever lived, but I was still pretty huge!

Quetzalcoatlus:           Half my size

Pterodactylus:             But still three times mine! Still, I was the best known! So I’ll settle for that!


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