Meet the Anglo-Saxons Guided Reading Play Scripts


Meet the Anglo-Saxons Guided Reading Play Scripts


Meet the Anglo-Saxons Guided Reading Play Scripts. Focused guided reading playscript describing aspects of the lives of the Anglo Saxons

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We did the Beowulf reader’s theater and the students loved it!

Unit 6B The Anglo-Saxons

5 plays and 5 quizzes

Play 1 Introduction Speakers: King Arthur, King Alfred, Asser, Guthrum, King Athelstan, King Cnut

King Arthur: I’ll say! All we wanted in 410 A.D. was a ‘quick fix’.

Guthrum: Funny how raiding, invading and then conquering often end up with settling. Us

Vikings did that too!

Asser: How true! The Anglo-Saxons started their raiding in 350 A.D. Then started invading in 430 A.D. and then settled themselves in Britain just 20 years later!

Play 2 Anglo-Saxon Life Speakers: Man, Woman, Child, Freya, Woden, Thor

Freya: Now, now dear! Don’t be too harsh. They’re a bit simple, this lot. I mean, just look at where they live!

Thor: Yes, in a wooden house, with an open fire in the middle

Freya: And no chimney! No wonder they stink of smoke!

Play 3 Sutton Hoo Discovery Speakers: Edith Pretty, Mr. Basil Brown, Archaeologist 1 & 2, H.M Chadwick, Raedwald.

Raedwald: And didn’t you have a dream – about a funeral procession and treasures?

Edith Pretty: Funny you should say that! Yes, I did! How do you know about that?

Raedwald: Well, I was in it! I was getting tired of watching you and your son counting the rabbits on those burial mounds, every day! I kept thinking, when are they going to realise what riches they’re standing on!

Play 4 Beowulf Speakers King Hroogar, Beowulf, Grendel, Grendel’s Mother, Dragon, Wiglaf

King Hroogar: right party pooper! Just because you’re too miserable to enjoy a bit of singing and dancing!

Grendel: Woken from my sleep by your partying! No wonder I was driven to murder!

Beowulf: But to go and kill those warriors, while they were sleeping! What cowardice!

King Hroogar: And then to eat them!

Grendel: How yummy! Now, if you’ll excuse me! I’m off for a nap – let this lot digest before I come back for more!

Play 5 Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table Speakers: Arthur, Merlin, Guinevere, Lancelot, Galahad, Mordred


Merlin:  And those emblems around your necks?

Guinevere: To remind them to lead pure lives, always seeking the very best, on the path of the Holy Grail – that symbol of God’s grace.

Arthur: Yes, that was the cross. But haven’t you forgotten the red dragon and what that stood for? Lancelot?

Lancelot: You mean serving my king? Well I did that on the battlefield. It just slipped my mind at other times.

Arthur: Yes, like when you were near my wife!

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