Meet Henry VIII & His Wives Guided Reading play scripts


“awesome, engaging way for students to learn about this controversial king. thanks” – received 30.10.17


Meet Henry VIII & His Wives Guided Reading play scripts 5 plays, 6 speakers each and 5 quizzes on various aspects of Henry VIII’s life and loves.

“awesome, engaging way for students to learn about this controversial king. thanks” – received 30.10.17

Meet Henry VIII. Unit 7 Henry VIII and his six wives

Play 1 Wives 1 and 2 Speakers: Henry VIII, Catherine of Aragon, Cardinal Wolsey, Pope, Courtier, Anne Boleyn

Catherine: On the tennis court?

Anne: That’s right. While I was having my ‘walk around the block’, he was practising his backhands!

Henry: Only because you’d been underhand in your behaviour!

Anne: Ooh. That was a cheap shot.

Cardinal Wolsey(coughing): Huh Hmm. I think we’ll call that ‘Deuce’ as they say on the tennis court. Yes, Henry certainly was a fine athlete when he started his reign.

Play 2 Wives 2 and 3 Speakers Henry, Anne, Jane, Courtier, Anne’s brother (George), Executioner

Jane: Yes, we made a happy couple. A shame I didn’t have longer to enjoy being your wife. I didn’t even stick around long enough to be crowned queen! Still, I did leave you that most precious gift – a son! Sweet little Eddie, here!

Henry:   Yes, so good looking. Just like his daddy!

Courtier: Could have fooled me! Fat and forty, that was you, mate. What is it they say? Love is blind? Must have been in, Jane’s case. You’ve only got to look at those paintings by Hans Holbein to see the truth!

Play 3 Wives 4 and 5 Speakers: Henry, Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard, Courtier, Hans Holbein, Priest

Catherine: My! He’s had nearly as many wives as I’ve had boyfriends! But shhh! Don’t tell him that. I’m so enjoying all these lovely new clothes and jewellery…And so are my many admirers!

Holbein: Did you hear that? She won’t be with us long! Better get on with this one’s painting double-quick! Chop! Chop! As they say!

Catherine: Not yet! I’m having far too much fun!

Anne: You certainly are! Have you learnt nothing from the rest of us wives?

Play 4  Last wife Speakers: Henry, Catherine Parr, Thomas Seymour, Courtier 1& 2, Priest

Thomas Seymour (laughing): Did you really have to hoist him in and out of bed, using ropes and pulleys?

Courtier: We certainly did. And lift him up and down stairs using a hoist.

Thomas Seymour: Poor old man. What a way to end up! Lucky he had my beloved Catherine to nurse him and look after him. What patience that must have taken!

Play 5 – All the Wives Speakers Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard, Catherine Parr

Catherine A: So here we are all gathered – the merry wives of Henry VIII!

Anne B: That’s right! We couldn’t let him have the last say in this set of plays!



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