The Remarkable Rocket


The Remarkable Rocket, Cast of 6 or 21 – Readers Theatre/Guided Reading/Short Play. This can be a play for cast of 21 Or A set of guided reading scripts or Readers Theater – around 6 speakers for each ‘scene’.


The Remarkable Rocket, Cast of 6 or 21 – Readers Theatre/Guided Reading/Short Play. This can be a play for cast of 21 Or A set of guided reading scripts or Readers Theater – around 6 speakers for each ‘scene’.

Cast size can be anything between 6 – using the same 6 speakers for each of the three parts; to 21 – using different speakers i.e. 6 x 3 plus the extras taking the total to 21

Duration: Around 30 minutes not including synopsis, teaching input, discussion points and suggestions for further activities.

This script is one of a collection which includes:

      1. The Happy Prince:  Cast of 6 – around 10 minutes reading time
      2. The Nightingale and the Rose:    Cast of 6 – around 5 – 10 minutes reading time
      3. The Selfish Giant:   Cast of 6 – around 5 minutes reading time
      4. The Devoted Friend:   Cast of 6 – around 5 – 10 minutes reading time
      5. The Remarkable Rocket, made up of 3 parts:
        •  Part I cast of 6, around 5 – 10 minutes reading time
        • Part II cast of 6, around 10 – 15 minutes reading time
        • Part III cast of 6, around 10 – 15 minutes reading time

The same 6 speakers may be used for all 3 parts, or 3 different sets of speakers used, taking cast size to a possible 21 (with addition of ‘extras’/doubling up)

These scripts are all available separately off

Sample Text from The Remarkable Rocket

Cracker:               Order! Order!

Narrator:             What on earth is going on, now? A Cracker who fancies himself as a politician and a rocket who

Rocket:                (Interrupting) What an amazing stroke of luck for the royal couple that their wedding should fall on the same day as my launch!

Squib:                   Er, I think it might just be the other way around?

Rocket:                (Dismissively) Undoubtedly that is the case with you! Oh, squib of no consequence! But for me?

Narrator:             The Remarkable Rocket! Does he actually need any introduction?

Rocket:                Not when you have the kind of lineage that I have!

Narrator:             Royal blood, eh?

Rocket:                Oh, way better! My mother was the most famous Catherine Wheel of her time! Nineteen times she’d spin, letting off seven pink stars at a time! And as for my father

Narrator:             (Sarcastically) Oh we have to hear this!

Rocket:                He was a total super star! He shot up so high everyone feared he wouldn’t return!

Narrator:             (Muttering) Right!

Rocket:                But never one to disappoint, he returned in a great flurry of golden sparks – like a shower of rain! Only not, not rain, that is – never use that word in front of a firework!

Narrator:             Oh, perish the thought it might throw cold water on such humble outpourings!

Rocket:                Didn’t you hear me?  No mention of water, please! Quite dampens my spirits!

Narrator:             To say nothing of your gunpowder! Now, that would be a shame!

Rocket:                Ah, nothing could have dampened the glory of my father, that day! Reported in all the top Pylotechnic media outlets of the time!

Bengal Light:      Don’t you mean, Pyrotechnic?

Rocket:                And what of it? Have we met?

Bengal Light:      Oh, no offence, intended

Rocket:                None taken! I’m far too important to listen to the likes of

Roman Candle:  Anybody but yourself. Yes, we get that.

Rocket:                So glad I don’t have to explain myself, fascinating and interesting though that might be for everybody else. But no, (sighing) I am a sensitive soul

Roman Candle:  (Aside) As sensitive as one with corns who insists on treading on the toes of others!

(Cracker bursts out laughing; Rocket rounds on him)

Rocket:                What’s so funny? Are you laughing at me?

Cracker:               Oh no! I mean, yes! After all, everything centres around you, right?

Rocket:                Hm. Fair point. Tis only right to think about me, after all, I spend my whole life thinking about me and there’s nothing wrong with that! Naturally, everyone else should

Narrator:             (Interrupting) Think of themselves?

Rocket:                No, of course not! That would be thoroughly selfish and contemptible. No, they should think about me, who else?

Narrator:             (Muttering) Who else, indeed!

Rocket:                But without wishing to belittle myself

Narrator:             (Sarcastically) Heaven forbid!

Rocket:                No, seriously, just imagine if anything were to happen to me!

Narrator:             (Aside) I do have a couple of suggestions!

Rocket:                Just think how devastating it would be!

Narrator:             The world would never get over it!


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