Butterfly photos


Butterfly photos


Butterfly photos

Butterfly photos. I have added these photos (89 of them!) to my website as I think they would be a really good resource for teachers and students studying butterflies.

I took the photos at an amazing exhibition ‘Sensational Butterflies’ which was housed in a temporary greenhouse outside the London Natural History Museum this summer (July 2016). I had spent the previous week writing Butterfly scripts for PSHE (KS II) and it was just fate that took me to the museum that day, totally unaware that I’d be greeted with yet more butterflies! The theme for this summer definitely seems to be … Butterflies!

I have since written a script on the Butterfly’s Life Cycle – KS I.

I did start labelling the butterfly photos – but decided having got up to about Butterfly No 75 that there were just too many ‘I wasn’t sure about’ – I do not pretend to be a butterfly expert! If you’d like ‘my rough list’ – you’re welcome to it but it may well have some misrepresentations as some butterflies are remarkably like others – give or take a dot or two! I will try to get the butterflies in my photos formally identified – next time I go to a Butterfly Farm or exhibition. Of course, if anyone out there wants to take on this task for me, more than happy to hear from you, and thus pass this info onto my customers.

Likewise, the photos are in no particular order – just in order of download (the caterpillar and pupa are a few photos in).

I am in the middle of writing (as always) so can’t really justify spending necessary time on this photo project. But the photos are there to be enjoyed – to be used for display or other purposes (I was quite pleased with the level of detail I achieved using my very ‘standard’ camera and you can actually identify features like the proboscis which would be useful for ‘parts’ identification).

So enjoy (no sample text given!)



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