General Election Assembly


General Election Assembly


General Election Assembly – written a few weeks ahead of the General Election!

General Election Assembly. Who would envy our narrator the task of choosing a prime minister – from a class of 30?! The choice?  Football stars, movie stars, rock stars ….. and a whole lotta girl/boy attitude between the Spice ‘lot’ and a certain Direction! Somebody needs to tell them about equality – and who better than …. S Club 7?!

With a playlist like this:

1.      Power to the People – John Lennon
2.      Get this Party Started – Pink
3.      Theme music to Dr. Who
4.      Theme music to Superman
5.      Theme music to Robin Hood
6.      Theme music to Toy Story
7.      Let it Go – Frozen movie
8.      Wannabe – Spice Girls
9.      One Way or Another – One Direction
10.   Party Rock Anthem – LMFAO
11.   Happy – Pharrell Williams
12.   National Anthem – God Save the Queen
13.   S Club Party – S Club 7
How can you go wrong?!

This is a very light hearted look at the coming election. The ‘possible candidates’ I have chosen are a selection of celebs – purely for entertainment sake.

For a more serious ‘take’,  the script could be adapted to include a far more serious list of people either now or in the past e.g. Gandhi, King, Mandela, Mother Theresa etc.

Likewise, whilst dealing with the current topic of the election, this script could be used for citizenship because of its PSHE component – this latter could be extended by adding a section on ‘What would you change if you were prime minister?’

Duration: 10 – 15 minutes reading time; around 20 – 30 minutes including music suggestions.

Cast of 30 – easily adapted up or down; and characters replaced by children’s own choices.

General Election Assembly Sample Text

Child 1:                 I think David Beckham should be prime minister!

Child 2:                 Nah! It’s got to be Lionel Messi!

Child 3:                 No! Wayne Rooney has my vote!

Child 4:                 Rubbish! It’s got to be Cristiano Ronaldo!

Narrator:             (Blowing whistle) Excuse me! Since when did any of these footballers know anything about politics? They might be pretty good at running up and down a pitch, but running a country? I don’t think so!

(Exit Child 1, 2, 3 and 4)

Narrator:             Next!

(Enter ‘athlete’ – Child 5)

Child 5:                 I’m here representing the world of athletics! I’d vote for Jessica Ennis!

Narrator:             (To audience, sighing) What is it with kids and sport?

(To Child 5) Yes, I can see why you might think Ms Ennis would set us all a fine example

Child 5:                 A prime role model! An inspiration to us all!

Narrator:             Yes, yes. I totally agree! But there is a difference between running along those tracks

Child 5:                 In record times!

Narrator:             And, …..let me finish…., running the country!

(To audience) Am I having a moment of déjà vu or didn’t I just say that a very short while ago?

(To Child 5) Anyway. Thank you … but no thank you!

(Exit Child 5)

Music 3 Theme music from Doctor Who

(Enter Child 6)

Narrator:             Ah! Doctor Who, I presume?

(To audience) You wait! It’ll be Superman, next!

Music 4 Theme music from Superman

(Enter Child 7)

Narrator:             Oh dear! When will I ever learn! Greetings, Superman! (Pauses) Course, Robin Hood was my childhood hero!


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