Good to Talk


Good to Talk


Good to Talk

Dialogue on mental health and the importance of talking

Good to Talk ‘dialogue’ was written just prior to ‘Time To Talk Day’ (Feb 4th 2016) – a joint initiative by MIND and Re-think. This week its Mental Health Awareness week and the launch of Heads Together. I hope my script can offer some help to this fabulous cause.

It is intended for secondary school children/young adults. It could be used as a ‘starting’ point for further discussion of the issues raised.

2 speakers – I have named Speaker 1 Molly; but not given a name or ‘status’ to Speaker 2 as Molly’s ‘friend’ in this situation could be a teacher, a counselor or ‘an independent helper’.

Duration: around 5 minutes reading time.

Also available from

30 speaker script for primary school children: Feeling Sad Assembly

Sample Text

Speaker 1:          …….Though, hey! Who am I to talk? Sitting here, feeling useless as usual.

Speaker 2:           But you know that’s a feeling, not reality.

Speaker 1:           I know, at one level, that’s the case. But it doesn’t half weigh you down!

Speaker 2:           Which is why you need help. Until you come out the other end.

Speaker 1:           (Laughing) Sounds like a tunnel!

Speaker 2:           Well, it is, in a way. That dark place you’re in. Some people refer to it as their cloud. But as long as you keep in mind, the light is there – you just have to find it.

Speaker 1:           I’m so glad you didn’t say ‘You just have to snap out of it’! That’s been said to me so many times and it is just so unhelpful. Of course I’d snap out of it if I could.

Speaker 2:           People say silly things – sometimes out of ignorance, sometimes out of spite, sometimes by just not thinking! Best to just ignore what they say. Remember, you are your own person.

Speaker 1:           I’m glad you’ve said that. Because sometimes I’m not sure I am. I feel like my control is slipping away.

Speaker 2:           I think you are a lot stronger than you think. And this sadness, depression, call it what you like, it will pass. You just have to hold on.

Speaker 1:           But when I am in the middle of it, it seems like it will go on forever.

Speaker 2:           Bit like being in that tunnel. You just cannot see the light sometimes. Which is why it is so important to talk. It may or may not make you feel a huge lot better; but at least you know you are not alone.

Speaker 1:           You’re right. Feeling alone is one of the worst feelings. It can make you feel quite desperate.

Speaker 2:           Bottling things up inside always does. So many people do that.

Speaker 1:           It is funny (pauses) well, not exactly funny, but strange to think there are so many people out there going through the same thing as me.

Speaker 2:           You can never tell what is going on inside people’s heads! Sometimes the happiest looking people are those who are going through the worst internal hell. But that isn’t to say we should all ‘be brave’ and suffer in silence. Talking is so much better.

Speaker 1:           So why do we not talk more?

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