Poinsettia Play



Poinsettia Play

Poinsettia Play. A Christmas Story From Mexico. Based on a Mexican legend explaining the miracle of the Poinsettia. It can be used as an assembly using 7 children, or it can be used within the classroom as a guided reading script.

Poinsettia Play’s message: Love is the greatest gift of all.

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Poinsettia Play Sample text:

Pepita:                  I know! I can see now I had nothing to feel lowly about. But I would still so like to have something to give Him!

Pedro:                  So, what’s stopping you?

Pepita:                  But I have no money!

(Pedro points to the wild flowers growing at the side of the road)

Pedro:                  Since when did they cost anything?

(Pepita scoops up a handful of weeds and arranges them into a bouquet)

Pepita:                  You’re right! A present fit for a king!

Pedro:                  Indeed. So, now can we relax and enjoy our Christmas Eve together?

Pepita:                  You bet! I can’t wait to lay my bouquet at the altar! How proud I am going to feel!

Pedro:                  That’s the happiest you’ve sounded all day! Good for you, Pepita! And don’t forget my other words to you, when we get there!

Pepita:                  (Joyfully) I won’t! Thank you so much, dear coz!

Narrator:             So the two cousins continued their walk, and it wasn’t long before they came to their church. Once inside they were joined by some other children with their gifts.

Child 1:                 Just look at the fancy bows, on my present. Must have taken my mum hours to put this lot together.

Child 2:                 Same with mine. This red ribbon must have cost a fortune!

Child 3:                 My mum always buys the finest ribbon in town.

(Holds up present and peers at it quizzically)

Course, I have absolutely no idea what is on the inside!

Child 1:                 As if that matters!

Child 2:                 Just as long as it looks good!

(Enter kindly old priest, who bustles up to waiting children)

Priest:                   Happy Christmas to you, children! How nice to see you!

(Child 1 barges forward, in front of Pepita and Pedro, and holds out his gift to the priest)

Child 1:                 Here, father. This is for you!

Priest:                   Er, don’t you mean it is for the baby Jesus? Don’t you want to give it to him?

Child 1:                 Well, yes. But my mum’s waiting for me – got a good place for us at the front! So if you don’t mind ….

(Child 1 tries to give gift to priest, but the priest refuses)

Priest:                   Well, actually, I do mind!

(Shaking head) Hmmm. I can see how much thought went into this gift!

(Child 1 sulkily joins Child 2 and 3 as Pepita rushes forward)

Pepita:                  (Excitedly) Oh father! Look what I have brought the baby Jesus!

(Child 2 and 3 fall about laughing as Pepita holds up her bouquet of weeds)

Child 2:                 You can’t be serious!

Child 3:                 What is that?

Child 2:                 A bunch of old weeds, by the look of it!

(Pedro takes Pepita’s arm, reassuringly)

Pedro:                  (To Pepita) You remember what I said?

Pepita:                  I do! And I am proud to present my gift! Father – may I take it to the baby Jesus now?

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