History of the Olympics Class Play updated to Tokyo


History of the Olympics Class Play


History of the Olympics Class Play updated to Tokyo

This Class Play covers the history of the Olympics, from its very origins in Ancient Greece through to the present time. 18 host nations are presented in a fun coverage of both events and stars.

Also available, set of 6 guided reading play scripts, with quizzes, on The Olympics – Ancient and Modern (a comparison), Olympics 1896-1912, Olympics 1920-1936 (impact of 2 world wars), Olympics 1948-1964 (End of World Wars – The Soviet Union joins the Games), Olympics 1968-1984 (Tragedy and Triumph), and The Olympics 1988-2004 – See Guided Reading Play Scripts Section.


1. Simply the Best – Tina Turner

(Children file in, waving flags triumphantly)

Coubertin:          Good morning and welcome to our class play on The History of the Olympics – when nations compete against each other, in the most sporting manner.

(18 nations stand up with flags, cheering loudly)

(Zeus plus 3 Ancient Greeks stride onto stage, folding their arms in front of them, taking up an aggressive stance)

Coubertin:          ‘Course, it wasn’t always like that. Back in 776 BC it was only athletes from across Ancient Greece who competed.

Zeus:                     In my honor!

Sostratos:            5 days

Leonidas:             7 events

Kallipateira:        (Scowling) And no women!

Coubertin:          Ah! The good old days! When men were men, and women were women!

Kallipateira:        I thought you were here to represent the Modern Olympics?

Coubertin:          Indeed I am. And you’re about to see just how many changes took place over the years

Zeus:                     Not necessarily for the better! (Looking around) I can’t see any of this lot paying me homage! And what are those women doing, mingling with the men athletes?

Coubertin:          (In disgust) They’re competing too!


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