Come on England World Cup Football Assembly


Come on England World Cup Assembly


Come on England World Cup Football Assembly

Come on England World Cup Football Assembly. How tough can it be for the English coach – when he has eleven despondent players to deal with? Not so tough, thanks to the efforts of eleven lively cheerleaders and one understanding referee!

The usual lively music list:

1. Land of Hope and Glory 2. Pump it Up – Elvis Costello 3. Reach for the Stars – S Club 7 4. The Boys are back in town – Thin Lizzy 5. Let me entertain you – Robbie Williams 6. Simply the Best – Tina Turner 7. We are the Champions – Queen 8. The Climb and 9. Rockin All Over the World – Status Quo (with some rather interesting changes to the lyrics in the last four songs!)


If you purchase a script @ £11.99 plus performing rights @ £15 i.e. £26.99 you are entitled to another world cup script for free.

How it works: Once you have placed your order (£26.99), I respond with script attachment in word and pdf format and ask which second script you want; when you receive this email, you then respond stating which script you want, and I then send script of your choice back to you, plus other freebies.

Come on England World Cup Football Assembly Sample text:

Player 9:               To win!

(Everyone looks at Player 9, gasping)

Coach:                  Pardon? Did I just hear you right?

Cheerleaders:   (Together) To win?

Player 10:            That’s right! You don’t get many second chances in life

Player 11:            And we’ve just been handed ours!

Music 4 The Boys are Back in Town – Thin Lizzy

(All players singing and playing ‘air guitars’)

Cheerleader 4:  Wow! I like your moves!

Cheerleader 5:  That was amazing!

Cheerleader 6:  Who would have thought it!

Cheerleader 7:  Looks like we’ve got competition, girls!

Cheerleader 8:  Things are looking good!

Coach:                  Well, they’re certainly looking better. But let’s not get carried away. It’s one thing to provide a little entertainment off the pitch – but what about on the pitch?

(Players and Cheerleader exchange meaningful glances and then launch into a joint performance)

Music 5 – Let me Entertain You – Robbie Williams

Coach:                  Cut! Cut! Stop! Stop!

Cheerleader 9:  But what’s wrong?

Cheerleader 10:                Isn’t this what you wanted?

Cheerleader 11:                Just look at your team now!

Coach:                  Exactly! I’m doing just that! But wait! Am I looking at a World Cup football team – or a bunch of rock stars?

Player 1:               (Puffing out chest) Well, thank you, coach! I could get used to being seen – as a rock star!

Coach:                  (Exploding) Well, don’t! (Spluttering) Just look at you! You’re about to walk out onto a football pitch – not a rock stage!

Player 2:               (Sighing) Is that a No to me being the next Jimi Hendrix then?

Coach:                  I’ll say! Get a grip! The lot of you!

(All hang their heads, sulkily)

(Enter referee)

Referee:              (Looking at despondent players) Oh no! Not again! I was just coming back to give you the 15 minute warning! Something tells me you’re going to need a lot longer than that! What is going on here?

Coach:                  Just a

Referee:              (Interrupting) Little misunderstanding, again? I guess I’d better leave you to it – again! Good luck! You’ve got (looks at watch) 14 minutes and counting to turn this lot around!

(Exit referee)

Coach:                  OK. Listen up! You are stars! All of you! What do you think you are doing here? Why do you think you were chosen to play for England? I tell you what you are going to do today. You are going to walk out onto that pitch and make your country proud of you!

Players:                We are?

Cheerleaders:   You are!

Music 6 Simply the Best – Tina Turner  (alternative version of chorus –– see Production Notes)

(As cheerleaders sing first verse, Player 3 frantically scribbles down lyrics to chorus – hurriedly sharing them with his team mates before they then come in with the chorus – pushing cheerleaders to one side)

Coach:                  (Incredulously) Nice?  Just nice – to bring the World Cup home? Who wrote these lyrics?

(Players all point at Player 3 who hangs his head sheepishly)

Player 3:               Well, I did write them in a bit of a hurry!

Coach:                  I apologize. You did just great! Now let’s get down to business! We’re now minutes off you walking onto that pitch and I want to know you’re going to do yourselves proud!

Player 4:               No question about that, coach.

Player 5:               You now have a team of champions!

Music 7 We are the Champions – Queen (alternative version – see Production Notes)

(Cheerleaders walk back onto centre stage – from sidelines where they have been standing since being ‘replaced’ during chorus of Simply the Best)

Cheerleader 1:  Strikes me these boys are getting a little big headed!

Cheerleader 2:  Maybe a little too big for their boots!

Cheerleader 3: Maybe time for a reality check, girls?

(All nod)

Music 8 The Climb – Miley Cyrus (alternative version – see Production Notes – Cheerleaders singing up to last three lines, when players join them, in unison)

Coach:                  Wow, guys, I guess you’re ready!


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