Goalie Courage


Goalie Courage


Goalie Courage.

Goalie Courage. was written minutes after the England V USA match. Who didn’t feel for Green? This script could be read as part of an assembly on courage – that of finding the strength to climb back up after falling down. A tribute to Green and all other goalies who have to face such moments.

It’s OK Green.  You’re part of a Team!

This script was written in recognition of the amazing courage of goalkeepers throughout the world – and as a tribute to Green who stayed out there on the pitch til the end of the match.

(A friend whose daughter is a goalkeeper – who had a challenging last match – has just emailed me to say she read through the script with her daughter and it really helped – see review section of website  – hope it can help others too)

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Football team – 11 players



(Football team sitting in changing room, after match they’ve just drawn. Coach walks over to goalkeeper and gives him a hug)


Coach:                  I know how you’re feeling. Let’s talk.

Goalie:                  I don’t think words are going to help.

Coach:                  We know what you’re going through.

Player 1:               We’re all of us here for you. You don’t have to do this alone.

Player 2:               You’re one of a team.

Player 3:               The match result wasn’t just down to you.

Player 4:               I missed countless chances!

Player 5:               So did I!

Player 6:               Nobody in this room holds you responsible.

Player 7:               We could all have played better.

Player 8:               We all made mistakes.

Player 9:               But we learn from those mistakes.

Player 10:            That is what makes us stronger – as individuals and as players.

Goalie:                  I appreciate what you’re saying, guys, but …. How could I have let that ball through?

Coach:                  These things happen.  That’s life! I could tell you about hundreds of ‘goalie gaffs’ made over the years.

Player 1:               C’mon coach. I’m sure that’s not what he wants to hear now.

Player 2:               No. Don’t go rubbing his nose in it.

Player 3:               I think he’s suffered enough for one day.

Goalie:                  Make that a lifetime.


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