Olympics 2024 Quiz


Olympics 2024 Quiz


Olympics 2024 Quiz

One hundred questions (and answers) on all of the main disciplines including:

      • Ball games
      • Archery, Shooting and Fencing
      • Athletics
      • Water Sports
      • Boxing, Wrestling, Weight Lifting, Judo and Taekwondo
      • Cycling
      • Equestrian
      • Gymnastics

The information is largely based on the Olympic Assembly script – with a few additions.

Sample text:

      1. Who are not allowed to compete in synchronised swimming? (Men)
      2. What is egg beating? (Treading water)
      3. How many are there in each team for water polo? (Seven)
      4. How many minutes are there in each of the four periods of play? (Eight)
      5. How many seconds is each team allowed to have the ball, before passing it to the opposition? (Thirty)
      6. How is it that up to three miles can be swum per match? (Because the players are not allowed to touch either the sides or bottom of the pool i.e. they are swimming non-stop)
      7. How high above the pool is the divers’ springboard? (Three metres)
      8. How high above the pool is the divers’ fixed platform? (Ten metres)



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