Winter Olympics Quiz


Winter Olympics Quiz


Winter Olympics Quiz

I.             22nd Winter Olympics – Russia 2014
II.            A History of the Winter Olympics 1924 – 2014
III.          Memorable Moments from Past Olympics
IV.          Winners and Record Breakers

I.       22nd Winter Olympics – Russia 2014


1.     Around how many countries are taking part?

2.     How many sports/disciplines are being played?

3.     How many events are there?

4.     How many more is this than for the last, 2010,  Olympics?

5.     What are the three animal mascots for 2014?


II.     A History of the Winter Olympics 1924 – 2010


1.     How often are the Winter Olympics held?

2.     When was the first one held?

3.     What Games took place before the Winter Olympics?

4.     Where were they first held and when?

5.     In what country were the first Winter Olympics held?


III.   Memorable Moments from Past Olympics


1.     What is the Olympic motto?

2.     Who won six perfect sixes in 1984?

3.     What music accompanied them?

4.     Who came last in both his ski jumping events in 1988 but still managed to steal the hearts of the British public?

5.     Who held up the awards ceremony in 1998 for the 10km Cross Country?


IV.    Winners and Record Breakers


1.     Which country won the most medals at the first Winter Olympics?

2.     Which country is the top medal scorer to date?

3.     How many have they won?

4.     Which country is the next highest medal winner to date?

5.     How many medals have they won?

Also available:

Winter Olympics Class Play or Assembly


Winter Olympics Guided Reading Plays

Set of *5:

1.     22nd Winter Olympics, Russia, 2014

2.     A History of the Winter Olympics 1924 – 2014

3.     Memorable Moments from Past Olympics

4.     Winners and Record Breakers

5.     What it takes to be a winner – this is a collection of 5 plays based on P.R.I.D.E. which stands for: POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE, RESPECT, INTELLIGENT CHOICES, DREAMS AND GOALS and EFFORT AND EDUCATION *This takes the number of mini-plays to 9.


The cast in this P.R.I.D.E. set of plays differs from the previous four, in that the Narrator’s role is taken by the Coach, and the Curler is replaced by a fan.


Written by me, Sue Russell, teacher and writer, these are a supplementary resource to the Winter Olympics Assembly/Class Play  – Tracing the Games’ History from 1924 to the Present Day

For sports enthusiasts, I have a class play, set of group of guided reading plays plus Quiz on The World Cup – fast approaching in June!

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