Great Expectations Reader’s Theater Adaptation


Great Expectations Reader’s Theater Adaptation has a cast of 6 – can be adapted ‘up’ to 12 readers, or ‘down’ – by doubling up.


Great Expectations Reader’s Theater Adaptation has a cast of 6 – can be adapted ‘up’ to 12 readers, or ‘down’ – by doubling up.

This script has been adapted from the original Great Expectations playscript available separately off in the Literature section of KS III and IV.

The original script has been adapted to Readers Theater in the following ways:


    1. Music suggestions and stage directions have been removed BUT ‘scene titles’ have been kept in or added, with an inclusion of the identification of readers for that scene.
    2. There are no more than 6 speakers per scene (in the case of any exceptions instructions are given for doubling up)
    3. All characters in the script are identified in a list in the production notes – these are In addition to the six principal characters. Thus additional readers could take on these ‘extra’ parts.
    4. ‘6’ has been chosen as an arbitrary number – thus the script offers opportunities for adapting this number to suit the number of readers available.


Duration: Around 15 – 20 minutes

Sample Text:

Narrator:  This is a tale of (pauses) Great Expectations. But please don’t allow yourselves to be fooled by the title. No. Sadly this is far from a tale of high hopes and their fulfilment. This is a tale that will take you to many dark places where you will meet many dark characters. Where treachery and skulduggery lurk in every corner. Where so-called gentlemen act as complete tyrants (pauses) and where ladies, frankly do not come out much better! (Listening) But wait! What is that I hear? Aha! The sound of a blacksmith hard at work. A true sound of decency.  A bright ray of light shining through all this mirky darkness.

Joe:                       (Laughing) Did I hear someone compare my job to something bright and shining?

Narrator:             You did indeed! It’s so good to meet you!

Joe:                       And very good to meet you too, my friend!

Narrator:             Ah, there you go! Warm and welcoming to everyone you meet. Never an unkind thought in your head. Always thinking the best of everyone!

Joe:                       (Smiling) Well, it doesn’t pay to carry bitterness around with you. My wife sadly carries enough for two of us – and look how happy that makes her!

Narrator:             (Muttering) Speak of the devil

Wife:                    (Shrieking) Joe? Joe Gargery? Have you not heard me yelling your name this past half hour?

Narrator:             (Aside) And there I was thinking the ear plugs were to protect his ears from the anvil!


This is one of a collection, taken from the original scripts:

And adapted to Readers Theater.

Available from in original play format AND as Reader’s Theater.


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