Aesop Fables The Lion and the Mouse-Friendship


Aesop Fables The Lion and the Mouse-Friendship


Aesop Fables: The Lion and the Mouse Guided Reading Script – Friendship

plus lesson plan including teaching input, synopsis, guided reading script, discussion points and suggestions for further work.

Cast of 6, around 10 minutes reading time

Lesson: 20 – 30 minutes, depending on how much of the lesson plan is used. The material could, of course, be split over a series of sessions.

Aesop Fables: The Lion and the Mouse Guided Reading Script – Friendship script can be used either as a guided reading script (6 readers) or as a mini-performance (cast of 6) and could be used either in a Literacy or PSHE class (owing to the life lessons contained within the text).

Sample Text

Lion:                Because sometimes you need to listen to someone else, take their advice

Mouse:            However small they are! And that’s exactly what he did!

Lion:                Yes, I listened

Teacher:          And then was ‘big’ enough to act on that advice! See, sometimes you can become big by the smallest actions!

Pupil 2:            (To Lion) So you let the mouse go?

Lion:                That’s right! Was I the champ? Or was I the champ?

Mouse:            (Coughing) Eh hem! Small matter of what I said to you?

Lion:                Ah yes! You mean, helping me out at some future event

Mouse:            When you, my large friend, might actually need me!

Pupil 1:            (To Lion) And did you? I mean, need your wee friend?

Lion:                Oh, I most certainly did! I wouldn’t be standing here talking to you today if I hadn’t let my rodent friend here go!

Narrator:         So, what happened?

Lion:                I got caught by hunters, is what happened! Soon after bidding farewell to Mouse here, I managed to fall into a trap and get all tied up in knots!

Mouse:            (Laughing) How very careless of you!

Lion:                No laughing matter, I can assure you! If you, Mouse, hadn’t come along and rescued me

Pupil 2:            (Gasping) What? You, a mighty lion, rescued by a mini mouse?

Lion:                Indeed. And I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Teacher:          Which makes you an even bigger, grander lion in my opinion!

Pupil 1:            And mine!

Pupil 2:            (Spluttering) But, but, wasn’t it just the tiniest bit humiliating – being rescued by a mere mouse?

Mouse:            (Sighing) Oh dear! I can see we might just have to spell this one out!

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