Alternative Romeo and Juliet Script plus lesson plan


Alternative Romeo and Juliet Script plus lesson plan


Alternative Romeo and Juliet guided reading script plus lesson plan and synopses of original and alternative scripts

This is a conversational piece between 6 speakers

This text is also available as part of a collection of four:

Alternative Romeo and Juliet  Sample Text:



      • Romeo
      • Juliet
      • Tybalt
      • Mercutio
      • Friar Lawrence
      • Narrator


Narrator:         So tell us about how it really was.

Romeo:            Certainly. It’s about time somebody set the record straight.

Juliet:               (Menacingly) Meaning what exactly, my love?

Friar:               Steady! We don’t want any more blood spilt.

Mercutio:        We certainly don’t! Whoever heard of coming to blows, over such nonsense?

Tybalt:             I agree. I was nothing like the hot-head I was described as being. I reckon Mercutio and I could have settled our differences quite amicably – certainly without resorting to violence.

Friar:               And now you come to mention it, I certainly had better things to do with my time than getting involved in teenage love, and all its complications.

Romeo:            Love? Huh – a much over-used term!

Juliet:               Meaning precisely what, dearest? Me thinks you speak not from your heart!

Mercutio:        And what heart would that be? As his best friend, me thinks I knew him somewhat better than you, my lady!

Narrator:         Whoa! Slow down! Do I detect treachery from within the Montague camp?

Tybalt:             (Incredulously) Don’t tell me you had a thing for Juliet too, Mercutio?

Friar:               (Sighing) What was I just saying about complicated teenage love?

Mercutio:        Well, at least I would have offered Juliet the genuine thing!

Juliet:               Mercutio! What are you talking about? Romeo – why so quiet, my love?

Mercutio:        Tell her, Romeo! If you’ve any heart to speak of, tell your true love just how false you were!

Narrator:         We’re waiting, Romeo.

Romeo:            OK. OK. Keep your hair on!

Friar                (Coughing) I would …. If I had any!

Romeo:            Sorry, Father. No offence intended! Now, if we all stay calm …

Juliet:               (Shrieking) Well, I for one will not! What are you saying, Mercutio? That Romeo didn’t love me?

Romeo:            At last! She’s caught on!

Juliet:               But, but ….. What about when you professed undying love to me, as I stood on my balcony?

Tybalt:             (Sighing) Oh, that old routine! One of his favourites – never failed!

Comment from Elyssa Gregg:

  “Thank you for all your hard work on this resource! It worked well for my students!!”
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from Elyssa Gregg.
Comment: “Thank you for all your hard work on this resource! It worked well for my students.


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