Ancient Greek Myths Guided Reading Play Scripts Guided Reading


Ancient Greek Myths Guided Reading Play Scripts Guided Reading Plays


Ancient Greek Myths Guided Reading Play Scripts Guided Reading

Ancient Greek Myths Guided Reading Play Scripts Guided Reading ‘mini plays’ are ideal for guided reading or Readers Theater. They come with a detailed summary and background at the beginning of each myth, with a quiz at the end.

5 Guided Reading Play Scripts(6 speakers each):

1. Odysseus and the Cyclops
2. Theseus and the Minotaur
3. Tale of 2 Spinners (Athena & Arachne)
4. The Gorgon’s Head (Medusa)
5. Pandora’s Box.

Ancient Greek Myths Guided Reading Play Scripts Sample Texts

Play 1 Odysseus and the Cyclops

Speakers: Poseidon, Polyphemus, Cyclops 2, Odysseus, Greek Warriors 1 & 2.

Cyclops 2:                   So why didn’t you tell us, brother, what was going on?


(sarcastically):             Er, what bit of  ‘Help! I’ve been blinded!’ didn’t you understand?

Poseidon:                    Yes, you could hear his screaming and hollering right across the oceans!

Cyclops 2:                   But you said, ‘It’s Nobody’. And then went on to actually repeat ‘Nobody has done this to me’. So we Cyclops naturally thought you were dreaming.

Polyphemus:                But it was Nobody who did it to me!

Cyclops 2:                   So why are you making all the fuss? If Nobody is to blame, then you have no case to argue!

Odysseus:                    Oh dear! And this is after it’s all been explained! No wonder these Cyclops got a reputation for being a thick lot!

Play 2 Theseus and the Minotaur

Speakers: Theseus, Aegeus, Minotaur, Pasiphae, Minos, and Ariadne

Theseus:                      Thank goodness for heroes, eh? Just as well I was on hand to save the day!

Minos (sarcastically):  But even you, oh great Theseus, would have found it impossible to

kill the Minotaur without my daughter’s help.

Ariadne:                      Thanks, Dad! I was wondering when he‘d get round to acknowledging my part in the happy ending.

Minos:                         You can’t say I didn’t warn you about these heroes and their egos!

Ariadne:                      I guess. But then love is blind. The minute he stepped off that boat, along with the other Athenian youth to be sacrificed, I fell for him hook, line and sinker!

Theseus:                      Yes, I remember you trying to ‘reel me in’ almost before I got off the boat! You certainly didn’t hang about! My dad had warned me about pushy Cretan ladies – but I hadn’t realised they’d be quite that forward!

Ariadne:                      Can’t say that I remember you putting up much of a fight!

Theseus:                      Well, yours was the best offer of the day! That being, a sword and ball of thread with which to find my way out of the maze.

Play 3 Tale of Two Spinners

Speakers: Arachne, Arachne’s mother, Athene, Zeus, Spider, and Spiderboy.

Arachne:              And that they all clearly worship the very ground you stand on?

Zeus:                    Understandably so. I am the greatest of the gods, as everyone knows.

Arachne:              And they ..

Athene:                Enough! Enough! Can’t you see what she’s doing? Or are you just too conceited to realise she’s flattering you?

Zeus:                    You would do well to listen to this young lady, I mean spider, oh daughter of mine! She can tell the effect I have on women! She’s not flattering me! She’s telling it as it is!

Arachne’s mum:  Thank goodness for men and their egos! I guess that’s let my Arachne off the hook. Or the barbeque – whatever!

Arachne:              Phew! I sure thought I was toast, then!

Play 4 The Gorgon’s Head

Speakers: Polydectes, Danae, Perseus, Athene, Enyo and Medusa.

Perseus:              What a relief to move on from that marsh, and those 3 old hags!

Polydectus:        Just swapping one set of old hags for another, I’d say!

Medusa:             Charmed, I’m sure!

Athene:              A right slithery lot! All those snakes for hair! Just as well I gave him a sword to cut through Medusa’s neck, and ..

Medusa:             Most importantly for him, a shield!

Enyo:                  A shield? And how did that help him against my monstrous


Medusa:             Excuse me! Is that any way to refer to your darling sisters? Perhaps

you, too, should get to know how it feels to be a statue!

Play 5 Pandora’s Box

Speakers: Pandora, Epimetheus, Prometheus, Zeus, Vice and Hope

Epimetheus:         And who is responsible for me feeling miserable and irritable today?

Hope:                   This lot are all guilty, in their own different ways!

Pandora:              Who? Me?

Epimetheus:         I’ll say! I just knew you were too good to be true!

Zeus:                    How ungrateful! Typical mortal! I gave him the perfect woman and just listen to his gratitude!

Epimetheus:         What? Grateful for not only ruining my life but everybody else’s too?

Vice:                    Well, I sure was grateful. If it hadn’t been for her disobedient ways, I’d still be in that box now!


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