Friendship Play based on Wind in the Willows


Friendship Play based on Wind in the Willows


Friendship Play based on Wind in the Willows

Friendship Play has a cast of 6 – the characters from Wind in the Willows giving advice on the subject of friendship. It can be used for performance (with music suggestions) or as a guided reading or Readers Theater script i.e. just for use within the classroom.

Whilst there are clear literary links – with the classic by Kenneth Clarke – it is equally a PSHE resource, with additional teaching notes at the end focusing on what friendship is, the different types of friendship, what makes a good friend and how to cope when you do not have a friend.

Also available: Wind in the Willows Play or Set of Guided Reading Scripts

Duration: around 5 – 10 minutes reading plus teaching/discussion time (the latter obviously open-ended).

Sample Text:

Badger:           It’s just as well you have such understanding friends. You don’t deserve them.

Toad:               (Tearfully) Oh I know! There I go again! I really can’t stop myself, sometimes!

Badger:           Sometimes?

Ratty:               Make that, pretty much all the time!

Mole:               Oh, but he does have some very fine qualities.

Toad:               Indeed! Intelligence, wit,

Badger:           (Shouting) Toad!

Toad:               What? What?

Badger:           You’re off again! Blowing your own trumpet!

Toad:               Well, someone has to!

Badger:           But not youall the time!

Mole:               Oh Toad. I think you’re a very fine creature

Ratty:               Mole! You’re too kind!

Badger:           Way too kind!

Child:               But it’s nice he’s standing up for his friend!

Narrator:         Yes, he’s doing what all good friends do.

Toad:               Looking out for me. Thanks, Mole!

Mole:               My pleasure! I know you’d do the same for me!

Badger:           Huh! Providing he wasn’t too busy!

Toad:               Well, I know I’m not perfect. (Pauses) Well, not far off

Badger:           (Warningly) Toad!

Toad:               OK! OK! But you do all still love me, right?

Mole:               Of course we do!

Ratty:               Though you don’t always make it easy for us!

Badger:           You can say that again!

Mole:               We’ll always be there for you, Toad. Isn’t that right, Ratty?

Ratty:               (Sighing) I guess! That is what friends are for. Standing by each other.

Toad:               Excellent! After all, I am rather a splendid creature!

Badger:           (Angrily) Toad! Do you never learn?

In Addition:

Awe and Wonder
Being Positive
British Values
Children’s Rights
Citizenship Skills
Coping with Sadness
Mutual Respect
New Year Resolutions
Understanding Others’ Points of View

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