Rapunzel play (alternative version) cast of 6


Rapunzel play (alternative version) cast of 6


Rapunzel play cast of 6 an alternative version of the original Brothers Grimm version, ever felt like letting your hair down? Just be careful whom you let climb up!

Rapunzel play has a cast of 6, very alternative version of a traditional fairy tale. Rapunzel, is one of a set – others including Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hook, Cinderella, Rumpelstiltskin – all very alternative! Can be used for performance or as guided reading text. Purchase includes lesson plan with a synopsis of the original tale, teaching input, discussion and follow up activities suggestions.

Reading time for the Rapunzel play is approximately 10 minutes (This does not include a synopsis of the original fairy tale, play script, teaching input, discussion and suggested follow up activities).

Also available: Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella as assemblies, cast size 30 (easily adaptable up or down). Snow White also available as a pantomime.

Sample Text

(Enter Father, rushing over and putting arm around Mother)

Father:             Oh there you are! What have I said to you about taking it easy?

Narrator:         To say nothing of learning a few manners along the way!

Father:             (To Narrator) Oh I do apologise – on behalf of my wife here. You see, she’s expecting!

Narrator:         (Puzzled) Expecting? Expecting what? A lecture from me on good manners?

Father:             (Laughing) No, no! She’s expecting our first child!

Narrator:         Ah! Now, why didn’t you say? Though I still think it rather unnecessary for her to have pushed me out of the way like that!

Mother:           Oh but you were in the way!

Narrator:         (Indignantly) Pardon?

Father:             What she means is, you just happened to be standing in the way of her search

Narrator:         For what?

Father:             Rampion!

Narrator:         I thought she said Rapunzel!

Father:             Same difference! Only, she’s after the herb!

(Turning to Mother)

Father:             But you needn’t worry, dear! I’ve just scaled our neighbour’s wall and look what I’ve brought back for you?

(Father holds up sprig of rampion which he dangles in front of Mother, who squeals with joy)

Mother:           (Hugging Father) Oh thank you! Thank you! You just saved my life!

(Enter Wicked Witch – Narrator gestures for audience to boo and hiss)

Wicked Witch: (Angrily) Now wait just one moment! Who’s in the wrong here?

(Wicked Witch points to couple)

Wicked Witch: Them or me?

 Narrator:        (Puzzled) Sorry?

Wicked Witch: Oh you will be! Along with these two – or should I say, three?

Father:             (To Wicked Witch) How dare you threaten my wife and unborn child!

Wicked Witch: (To Father) So! Just to set the record straight. Have you or have you not just helped yourself to my rampion?

Father:             (Spluttering) Well, I er

Wicked Witch: And is this or is this not the second time you have climbed over my wall and trespassed on my property?

Father:             Well, um

Wicked Witch: Guilty! On both counts! And not even brave enough to admit to it! So who’s the bad one now?


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