Sleeping Beauty cast of 6


Sleeping Beauty cast of 6


Sleeping Beauty cast of 6

Sleeping Beauty cast of 6. An alternative version of the original Brothers Grimm version. This is one of a set of ‘alternative’ fairy tales based on those written by Brothers Grimm but re-written, just as they did!

This alternative play can be used for performance or as a guided reading text.

Cast size and Duration

Cast of 6, reading time around 15 minutes

Purchase includes: Synopsis of original fairy tale, play script, teaching input, discussion and suggested follow up activities.

Other cast of 6 alternative plays: Rumpelstiltskin, Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel and Cinderella – Cinderella also available as assembly/class play cast size 30 (easily adaptable up or down) along with Sleeping Beauty and Snow White.  Snow White also available as a pantomime – cast of 30 or 60.

Sample Text

Narrator:                             (Shouting) You may want to switch your alarm off!

(Queen goes over and switches it off)

King:                                      Phew! Thank goodness for that!

(Sound of loud snoring from Sleeping Beauty)

King:                                      But wait! What is that awful noise?

Narrator:                             That awful noise is your daughter!

Queen:                                 Oh dear! No wonder there wasn’t a prince in this script!

King:                                      (Tutting) Time she woke up.

Queen:                                 Oh don’t be too harsh! She is a princess, after all! And we all know how much princesses need their beauty sleep!

King:                                      (Grunting) Huh! This one more than others! Come on Sleeping Beauty!

(King gives her a shake)

Sleeping Beauty:              (Yawning) Oh, why? Why must I always get woken up?

Queen:                                 I’m sorry, my dear. I did try and explain how much you needed your beauty sleep!

Sleeping Beauty:              Beauty sleep? What’s that got to do with it?

King:                                      Er well

Sleeping Beauty:              Were you not listening at the beginning? I, along with all the other girls out there, was not put on this earth simply to find a prince – handsome or otherwise. And now I’m awake there are going to be a few changes around here.

Queen:                                 (Gasping) But Sleeping Beauty!

Sleeping Beauty:              And that can be the first thing to change! My name! I care not for either Sleeping or Beauty!  Just call me Frankie in future!

Queen and King:               (Together) Frankie?

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