Best of British 2012 Olympics Assembly


Best of British 2012 Olympics Assembly


Best of British 2012 Olympics Assembly

Best of British 2012 Olympics Assembly. This script is a kind of 2 in 1. One script focuses on British medal winners, the second on golden moments – these are available as separate scripts or as a combined script – all included in the same package.

I have included it in this section as hopefully everyone is still feeling positive and inspired after our amazing Olympic Games!

Duration – around 10-15 minutes. Cast size: suitable for class of 30 or year group

Sample text:


Music 1 Simply the Best – Tina Turner

(Cast file in, waving Union Jack Flags)

Narrator:             Good morning! And welcome to our assembly entitled

Whole Cast:        (Shouting together) Best of British!

Narrator:             (Puzzled) Best of British? But isn’t that something you say when you actually mean ‘Good luck! But oh dear! Not a chance!’?

Child 1:                 Up until 2012! But now we can all hold our heads high

Child 2:                 As we have proved once and for all

Whole cast:        It is great to be British!

Narrator:             Aha! So, a celebration of Great Britain thanks to those great 2012 Olympic Games?

Child 3:                 That’s right!

Narrator:             (Hesitantly) Well, that’s all very fine

Child 4:                 (Groaning) I think  I can hear a ‘but’ coming?

Narrator:             But … now the Games are over, how do we keep our heads held high? I mean, the party can’t go on forever. In fact, we’ll all have forgotten about it in a few weeks time.

Child 5:                 (Gesturing whole cast to stand, holding up their medals) What? Forget all we’ve achieved? With these around our necks? I don’t think so!

(Everyone sits down)

Narrator:             Wow! That’s some tally! So, let’s hear how you got them!

Child 6:                 Starting with our bronze medalists! Please step forward and introduce yourselves!

(Child 7 – 24 step forward in turn; loud cheer from rest of class each time)

Child 7:                 Let’s start with Rebecca Adlington – hot favourite for gold in her 800 metres swimming race

Narrator:             (Interrupting) But only finishing third, like in her 400 metre freestyle! This may sound harsh but why start with a loser?

Child 7:                 (Snorting) A loser? Oh, she was anything but a loser! As Rebecca so valiantly pointed out to us in her post-race interview, there is no disgrace in coming third.

Child 8:                 Coming third a disgrace? I don’t think so! Did you see the reaction of Tom Daley and his team mates when he won bronze in diving?

Narrator:             What? When they all leapt into the pool?

Child 8:                 Correct! They all recognized just how amazing it is to win any medal – in fact, how amazing it is just to be representing your country. You have already proved yourself to be among the best, just by being there!

Child 9:                 Bronze or silver? Team GB’s men’s gymnasts were happy to settle for bronze, even though they were originally awarded silver. It was just amazing they had won a team medal – the first since 1912! They certainly weren’t disappointed!

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