British Values Assembly


British Values Assembly


British Values Assembly

British values are ‘as important as maths’ – Daily Telegraph 28.1.15.  Teaching every child in the country about British values is as important as maths and English and will help to safeguard them from the threat of terror attacks, the Education Secretary has said.

19.01.16 An “educate against hate” website is to be launched by Education Secretary Nicky Morgan

Cast of 30 Duration: 10 – 15 minutes (not including suggested music selections)

Democracy. Justice. Respect and Toleration. … with a little bit of  Spice Girls and the Beatles thrown in for good measure. What chance does the Establishment have? Let’s just say – it’s always useful to have a policeman around!

At first sight, this may seem a rather ‘glib’ treatment of what is, of course, a very serious subject. But the message throughout, I hope, is clear – that our nation is one we can feel proud of because of our basic values – to honour and respect mankind, community and individuals alike; and hopefully this example of fairness, equality and justice will be seen as a shining beacon of hope to our children in these troubled times.

Sample Script:

All:                                       (Together) The Spice Girls!

Narrator:                            (To Ginger Spice) Haven’t I seen you somewhere before?

Ginger Spice:                     Correct! At the beginning of this assembly!

Narrator:                            Aha! The patriotic one!

Ginger Spice:                     Correct.

Sporty Spice:                      And

All:                                       (Together) Here to show Girl Power!

(Enter Member of Parliament)

M.P.                                     Girl power? Oh I don’t think so! As a member of parliament …

(Enter Gentleman)

Gentleman:                        (Interrupting, and looking at Spice Girls) Ah! More riff raff!

(Spice Girls form a circle around him, shaking their fists)

Narrator:                            (Looking around) Oh dear! More trouble! Where’s that policeman?

(Enter Policeman)

Policeman:                         (To Gentleman) You in trouble, again, Sir?

Gentleman:                        Well, all I said was …

Scary Spice:                        We heard what you said!

M.P.                                     Now, now, young ladies! Why don’t you just take yourselves home?

Baby Spice:                        What? To do the washing up?

Posh Spice:                         I don’t think so!

Ginger Spice:                     Times have changed!

Scary Spice:                        (Glaring at Gentleman and M.P.) Ever heard of equality?

Sporty Spice:                      Girls and boys – we have equal rights now!

Gentleman:                        (Muttering) More’s the pity!

Scary Spice:                        Pardon?

Gentleman:                        I said, what a delightful group of girls you are!

(Spice Girls pat Gentleman on the shoulder and Gentleman is ‘won over’)

(Exit Spice Girls and Gentleman)

Policeman:                         Well, I’m glad that ended peacefully!

M.P.                                     Me too! Things have never been the same since we had that woman prime minister!

(Exit Policeman and M.P.)

Narrator:             Phew! It’s all happening this morning!

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