St. Patrick’s Day guided reading script


St. Patrick’s Day guided reading script


St. Patrick’s Day guided reading script

St. Patrick’s Day guided reading script was written for 6 speakers, representing the world of music, literature, politics, exploration and not forgetting  St. Patrick himself, of course! As with all my group readers, this comes with a quiz at the end.

A Celebration of St. Patrick’s Day and Ireland’s Wonderful Heritage

St. Patrick’s Day guided reading script Speakers:


St. Patrick                            (Patron Saint of Ireland)

Bob Geldof                         (Lead Singer of The Boomtown Rats)

C.S. Lewis                            (Author of the Narnia series)

J.F. Kennedy                      (35th U.S. President)

Ernest Shackleton            (Famous Explorer of the Antarctic)


Text Sample

Interviewer:       As every good Christian knows. And you, St. Patrick, certainly dedicated your life to the service of others!

St. Patrick:           Well, I tried – but let’s not forget all those countless individuals that followed me. What amazing contributions they made, in their various fields.

Lewis:                   The world of literature has certainly seen amazing Irish talent – let’s see now: James Joyce, George Bernard Shaw, Bram Stoker, Oscar Wilde, W.B. Yeats ….

Geldof:                 And what about the world of music – the great U2

Kennedy:            And Bono – another politically minded rock star, like you!

Geldof:                 Indeed! But let me continue – the great Van Morrison, Chris de Burgh, Enya, The Dubliners,

St. Patrick:           Boyzone and Westlife – a little less ‘rough around the edges’ than some of these rock musicians!

Geldof:                 Huh! If you think my band was wild – listen to these: The Radiators from Space, The Redneck Manifesto, Real Friends Break Chairs, Rollerskate Skinny …

St. Patrick:           You’re right! How do they think of such names?!

Shackleton:        And let’s not forget those Irish actors – Peter O’Toole, Daniel Day-Lewis, Colin Farrell, Richard Harris, Pierce Brosnan ..

Interviewer:       What a great 007 he made!

Kennedy:            And as for all those Presidents with Irish blood – at least 23 of them! Wow! We sure have a lot to thank Irish blood for! What a nation!

Interviewer:       And to conclude – a quote from each of you kind gentlemen, if you would!


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