Olympic Games Quiz Rio 2016


Rio 2016 Olympic Games Quiz


Olympic Games Quiz Rio 2016

Olympic Games Quiz Rio 2016. 100 questions and answers on the 2016 Olympic Games!

Sample Text:

1.       How many sports will there be at the 2016 Olympic Games? (28)

Ball Games

2.       Name four ‘ball games’. (Tennis, table tennis, football and rugby)

3.       Name two names for table tennis. (Whiff Waff or Flim Flam)

4.       How many players, per team, are there for volley ball? (6)

5.       How many for beach volley ball? (2)

6.       How many new ball games have been introduced for 2016?(2)

7.       What are they?(Rugby and golf)

8.       What does the term  ‘dunkin’ mean in basketball? (To slam a ball through the net)

9.       From which bird do the feathers attached to a shuttlecock come? (Goose)

Archery, Shooting and Fencing

10.   When was it compulsory for all English men aged between seven and sixty to be able to use a bow and arrow? (Fourteenth century)

11.   Why was this considered necessary? (In order to defend their country)

12.   What three types of gun are used for shooting? (Pistol, rifle and shotgun)

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