Amazing Women Guided Reading Play scripts


Amazing Women Guided Reading Play scripts


Amazing Women Guided Reading Play scripts

Amazing Women Guided Reading Play scripts. This set of 5 Guided Reading play scripts(group readers/Readers Theater) plus quizzes starts by taking a look at Amazing Women from across the world and across the centuries and then focuses on the part played by women in shaping America’s history – fighting for a voice both in society and politics.

Reading time for each play is around 10 minutes. There are also quizzes – one for each, varying from 25 to 50 questions.

  1. Amazing Women From Across the World:  15th –  20th century


      • Interviewer
      • Elizabeth I
      • Catherine the Great
      • Indira Gandhi
      • Eleanor Roosevelt
      • Joan of Arc

Eleanor:               Well, thank you. Though I did just what I felt was right.

Catherine:           And you will go down in history as being a shining beacon of light. Course, that’s what some of us set out to do – but things just didn’t quite work out that way.

Indira:                   I know exactly what you mean. It was my intention to make things better for the poor in my nation but somehow events got in the way.

Elizabeth:            Being a woman at the top is never easy.

Indira:                   Especially when you are ‘the first’  – like me!

Elizabeth:            And me!

Indira:                   But you ‘inherited’ your thrown – you were the next in line. I had to prove myself – and get elected – India’s first female prime minister!

Catherine:           And it was hardly a ‘walk in the park’ for me, getting to be empress of Russia.  You wouldn’t believe the lengths I had to go to!

Joan:                     Like getting your husband, the Emperor, ‘removed’!

Interviewer:       Let’s remind ourselves of your words, that it “pleased Almighty God to remove the late emperor by a sudden and violent malady”!


2. Amazing Women Guided Reading Play scripts. Amazing Women  From Across the World:  20th Century


      • Mother Theresa
      • Helen Keller (Helen)
      • Anne Frank (Anne)
      • Marie Curie (Marie)
      • Princess Diana (Di)
      • Margaret Thatcher (Maggie)


M. Theresa:        Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.

Di:                           Life is beauty, admire it.

Anne:                    Life is a dream, realise it.

Helen:                   Life is a challenge, meet it.

Maggie:                 Life is a duty, complete it.

Marie:                   Life is a game, play it.

M. Theresa:        Life is costly, care for it.

Di:                           Life is wealth, keep it.

Anne:                    Life is love, enjoy it.

Helen:                   Life is a mystery, know it.

Maggie:                Life is a promise, fulfil it.

Marie:                   Life is sorrow, overcome it.


3. Amazing Women Guided Reading Play scripts.  Amazing Women in the  American Women’s Suffrage Movement


      • Interviewer
      • Elizabeth Cady Stanton
      • Lucy Stone
      • Carrie Chapman Catt
      • Jeanette Rankin
      • Alice Paul


Interviewer:       (With a slight shake in his voice) Good morning, ladies! I am honored to be in your midst!

Elizabeth:            And a little overawed, by the sounds of it!

Interviewer:       Well, I am the only man here!

Lucy:                      And since when has that ever stopped you men?

Interviewer:       Now, ladies. I trust we’re not going to get confrontational?

Carrie:                   Only if necessary!

Jeanette:             Not so much need, today, perhaps. We all stand here as equals!

Alice:                     About time too!

Interviewer:       Well, let me just say how much I admire what you did.

Alice:                     You’d best not be patronizing!


4. Amazing Women Guided Reading Play scripts.  Amazing Women in the American Civil Rights Movement


      • Interviewer
      • Sojourner Truth
      • Harriet Tubman
      • Ida Wells
      • Fannie Lou Townsend Hamer
      • Rosa Parks


Interviewer:       You ladies never gave up!

Fannie:                 Well, as I said at the time “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired”.

Interviewer:       And your bravery, Harriet, knew no boundaries.

Harriet:                 Well, like I said “I can’t die but once”!

Interviewer:       And you, Sojourner, will certainly never be forgotten.

Sojourner:          As I said on my death bed “I’m not going to die honey; I’m going home like a shooting star!”

Interviewer:       And to think of all the injustice you, Ida, brought to light…

Ida:                        700 cases of false charges against victims of those terrible lynchings – innocent people hanged by the mob.

Interviewer:       And not forgetting you, Rosa – “the great fuse that led to the modern stride toward freedom” – the words of Martin Luther King himself!

Rosa:                     I feel honored to have been symbolic of the power of the individual.


5. Amazing Women Guided Reading Play scripts.  Amazing First Ladies 31-35


      • Interviewer
      • Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy       Wife of John F. Kennedy
      • Claudia Taylor Johnson                  Wife of Lyndon B. Johnson
      • Pat Ryan Nixon                                 Wife of Richard Nixon
      • Betty Bloomer Ford                        Wife of Gerald Ford
      • Rosalynn Smith Carter                   Wife of Jimmy Carter


Claudia:                You were a true champion of the cause – what bravery you showed in undergoing surgery!

Betty:                    But no more than any of the other tens of thousands of women out there! They’re all just as brave but nobody hears about them.

Pat:                        And that’s why you were so admired. Not just for your own personal battle with cancer, but for having the courage to speak out about it. It was something of a taboo subject before. Women didn’t feel comfortable talking about it. And you changed all that.

Rosalyn:               You made it easier for women to face their fears

Jacqueline:         The result being thousands of women began to have check- ups – so vital for  the early detection of the disease.

Claudia:                Think of all the lives you must have saved! I might have campaigned for women’s rights, but you gave a lot of those women life!

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