Famous People of the 2oth Century Guided Reading play scripts


Famous People of the 2oth Century Guided Reading play scripts


Famous People of the 2oth Century Guided Reading play scripts

Unit 20 Famous People of the 2oth Century Guided Reading Scripts

5 plays (6 speakers each) and 5 quizzes

Play 1 Martin Luther King Speakers: Interviewer, Coretta (wife), James Earl Ray (alleged assassin), President Lyndon Johnson, Campaigner, Martin Luther King

Play 2 Nelson Mandela Speakers: Nelson Mandela , Winnie (second wife), Desmond Tutu, P.W. Botha (Nationalist Party – hardliner), Nobel Peace Committee,  F.W. de Klerk (Nationalist Party – moderate)

Play 3 Mahatma Gandhi Speakers: Mahatma Gandhi, Kasturbai (wife), Nehru (Indian prime minister) Lakshimi (adopted daughter, an untouchable), Nathuram Godse (assassin), Winston Churchill (British prime minister)

Play 4 John Lennon Speakers: John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon (son), Mimi (auntie), Paul McCartney, President Nixon

Play 5 Prominent Women of the 20th Century Speakers: Helen Keller (Helen), Anne Frank (Anne), Marie Curie (Marie), Princess Diana (Di), Margaret Thatcher (Maggie)

Sold as a set but also available as individual purchases from www.plays-r-u-ussell.com

Famous People of the 2oth Century Guided Reading play scripts Sample Text

Play 1 Martin Luther King

Campaigner: Yes, and that was just the beginning. It took a lot of patience. We were up against white ministers, mayors, governors, police chiefs and judges, all telling us to “Wait”. But we were tired of waiting.

King: Indeed. As I said at the time, “Wait! For years I have heard the word ‘Wait!’ We have waited more than three hundred and forty years for our rights”.

Play 2 Nelson Mandela

Mandela: Yes, but no one could doubt the huge contribution this churchman has made to our cause! Sometimes strident, often tender, never afraid and seldom without humour, Desmond Tutu’s voice will always be the voice of the voiceless.

De Klerk: Quite right that he should receive the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984!

Tutu: Just nine years before you received it with Nelson Mandela!

De Klerk: A wonderful moment when the world could witness the coming together of two peoples whom had seemed such worlds apart!

Play 3 Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi:  Yes. But I am also a Christian, a Muslim, a Buddhist and a Jew.

Godse:  That’s the trouble with you idealists! Always sitting on the fence. “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”! Pah! Ano

ther one of your visionary statements! Some of us had to live in the real world!

Play 4 John Lennon

Nixon: Trouble makers! Pity I didn’t get the lot of you deported!

John: Well, you certainly tried hard enough!

Nixon: And can you blame me? Trying to persuade our American youth to vote against war. How low could you stoop?

John: Nothing like as low as you! The first American President forced to resign!

Play 5 Prominent Women of the 20th Century

Anne: You mean when the IRA bombed your hotel in Brighton?

Maggie: Yes, that was a lucky escape. The day before my 59th birthday.

Di: But you still insisted on business as usual the next day!

Maggie: Yes, never give in to terrorists!


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