St. David’s Day Play for 6 speakers


St. David’s Day Play for 6 speakers


St. David’s Day Play for 6 speakers

St. David’s Day Play (6 speakers) Discussion on what makes Wales great! Plus FREE St. David’s Day poem! (This will be sent on as an email attachment in follow up email)

St. David’s Day Play Cast:

  • Narrator
  • St. David
  • Rugby player
  • Comedian
  • Rock fan
  • Film critic

St. David’s Day Play Sample Text:

Narrator:         OK people! Enough of the jokes! We shouldn’t lose sight of the serious things in life ..

Rugby player:  Like Rugby! How could you have a conversation about Wales …. without mentioning rugby?

Comedian:       (Reflecting) Hmm. I could!

Rugby player:  (Indignantly) I don’t remember anyone asking you!

St. David:         Now, boys! Remember my example – Love and peace! That’s what we want here today!

Rugby Player:  Fair enough! I was only trying to say,

Rock fan:         “There’s a dream I feel, so rare so real, of a World in Union”! Who will ever forget Shirley Bassey teaming up with those rugby players, at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, in 1999, for that Rugby World Cup!

Comedian:       Dame Shirley Bassey – in rugby shorts? That must have been a sight to behold!

Rugby Player:  Not quite! She wore a rather becoming gold gown, from what I can remember!

St. David:         So, I’m guessing she didn’t get stuck into one of those scrums?

Rugby Player:  No place for a lady! No, she did a fine job leading us in that ‘World In Union’ anthem – but the rest of the ‘play’ was down to us lads!

Narrator:         And did you win?

Rugby Player:  Not that world cup championship; but we have done pretty well in the Six Nations Championships, coming just behind the leaders, England, in overall number of victories and points.

Narrator:         Good for you! It’s the taking part, after all, that counts. And we can all share the strengths of each other

Film Critic:      And enjoy those strengths! What would the world be like without the acting talents of Sir Anthony Hopkins, Richard Burton, Catherine Zeta Jones

Comedian:       Or the poetic writing of Dylan Thomas; and the magical tales of Roald Dahl – Giant Peaches, Big Friendly Giants, Fantastic Foxes .. he could write about anything!

Rock Fan:         Like those bands: Stereophonics, Manic Street Preachers

St. David:         Did you say Manic Street Preachers? Hmm, not so sure they’d have fitted in with my brethren!

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