Alternative Midsummer Night’s Dream Script plus lesson plan


Alternative Midsummer Night’s Dream Script plus lesson plan


Alternative Midsummer Night’s Dream guided reading script plus lesson plan and synopses

This is a conversational piece with 6 speakers.

This text is also available as part of a collection of four:

Alternative Midsummer Night’s Dream Sample Text:


  • Hermia
  • Lysander
  • Helena
  • Demetrius
  • Oberon
  • Narrator


Narrator:         So. The real version, please!

Oberon:           Allow me to start …

Narrator:         (Interrupting) Hold it! Hold it! Do you really think you are best qualified to comment on real events? I mean, no offence but …. you were a mere fairy ….

Oberon:           A king of fairies!

Narrator:         But a fairy none the less!

Hermia:           Well, that’s where you’re wrong! Oberon, haven’t we talked enough about this?

Oberon:           (Reluctantly) Well, yes … But …

Helena:            Don’t tell me he still sees himself as Fairy King!

Narrator:         But he was! You’re losing me already!

Lysander:         OK. Maybe the ladies aren’t making themselves very clear!

Demetrius:      It wouldn’t be for the first time!

Hermia and Helena:   (Together, in fury) What?

Oberon:           Boys! Boys! Remember what we said? No laying the blame

Hermia:           Especially when it was them that got in such a muddle!

Demetrius:      You mean, when I couldn’t make up my mind who to love?

Helena:            Please! We’ve gone over all that! Haven’t you hurt me enough?

Hermia:           Well, Lysander wasn’t any better. Turning from me to you. What was that all about?

Helena:            I hope you’re not implying my looks didn’t match yours?

Hermia:           Of course not! But then again, if you hadn’t gone and blabbed about Lysander and I running away together ..

Demetrius:      I’d never have followed otherwise

Oberon:           And you’d never have all eventually worked out whom it was that you truly loved!

Narrator:         (Muttering) There have got to be easier ways of doing things!

Lysander:         Ah, but “the course of true love never did run smooth”!

Oberon:           You can say that again! Especially when you’ve got incompetents like my servant, Puck, working for you!

Hermia:           Yes, he did rather make a mess of things! First anointing my Lysander’s eyes with that purple flower

Lysander:         And making me fall in love with Helena!

Helena:            Exchanging “a raven for a dove” I seem to remember you saying?

Hermia:           Why, you “painted maypole”!

Oberon:           Ladies! Ladies! We’ve been through all this! You know it all got fixed in the end.


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