Hansel and Gretel Play Cast of 6


Hansel and Gretel Play Cast of 6


Hansel and Gretel Play  an alternative version of the original Brothers Grimm version

Hansel and Gretel Play is one of a set of ‘alternative’ fairy tales based on those written by Brothers Grimm but re-written, just as they did!

This alternative Hansel and Gretel play can be used for performance or as a guided reading text.

Cast size and Duration

Cast of 6, reading time approximately 10 minutes

Purchase includes: Synopsis of original fairy tale, play script, teaching input, discussion and suggested follow up activities.

Other cast of 6 alternative plays: Rumpelstiltskin, Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood and Cinderella – Cinderella also available as assembly/class play cast size 30 (easily adaptable up or down) along with Sleeping Beauty and Snow White.  Snow White also available as a pantomime – a cast of 30 or 60.

Sample Text

Narrator:         Well, you were planning on eating those two children, weren’t you?

Old Lady:         Those two children? Certainly not. Not at the same time, anyway!

Narrator:         Oh we all know about you fattening up young Hansel first.

Old Lady:         Well, I didn’t hear any complaints from him!

(Enter Gretel)

Gretel:             Not when he was being fed prime joints every night – whilst I had nothing!

Old Lady:         Now now young lady. You know perfectly well that’s not true.

Gretel:             Well, you did save all the best stuff for him.

Old Lady:         Only so that I could fatten him up quicker. And it worked, didn’t it?

Gretel:             (Giggling) I suppose it did!

(Enter Hansel)

Hansel:            What do you mean, it worked?

Old Lady:         Well, you were so convinced your wee bone trick would work on me

Gretel:             Pretending that was your finger!

Old Lady:         I mean. I know I’m short-sighted! But not that short-sighted!

Hansel:            So who ended up in the oven? We all know the trick you, Gretel, played.

Old Lady:         Aha! Maybe it’s you, Hansel, that should’ve gone to Spec Savers!

Hansel:            What do you mean? It was you Gretel that pushed her into the oven (pauses) wasn’t it?

Gretel:             What? Push a defenceless old lady into a red-hot oven? Are you serious?

Hansel:            (Spluttering) But but … you saved me!

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