The Planets Guided Reading Play Scripts


The Planets Guided Reading Play Scripts


The Planets Guided Reading Play Scripts

The Planets Guided Reading Play Scripts. Lost in space? And no idea where you’re from? Don’t panic! No need to feel alienated  – not when you’ve got a spacecraft to take you wherever you please in our solar system. Join our travels through space and find out everything you need to know about where and where not to set up home!

This set of guided reading play scripts covers all the planets in our solar system. It is based on the science curriculum and is a fun way for children to learn ‘astronomic’ facts and become familiar with the great classical music of The Planets – Holst.

The Planets Guided Reading 5 plays and 5 quizzes

Sample Texts from The Planets – Guided reading play scripts

Play 1


Narrator           Sun        Earth     Alien    Mercury      Venus

Mercury:          Mercury! The closest planet to the sun. I get very hot during the day, but very cold at night!

Narrator:          (Wiping brow) Phew! I’ll say! Up to 450 degrees centigrade!

Alien:              (Shivering) And down to minus 180 degrees centigrade! (Tripping) Ouch! And all these craters! Nah! This isn’t my home.

Narrator:          (Sighing) Then its

Cast:                Back to the rocket!

Narrator:          Here we are! Another planet!

(Enter Venus)

Narrator:          And you must be

Venus:             Venus! Even hotter than Mercury!

Narrator:          Phew! I’ll say! Up to 867 degrees Fahrenheit – that’s hot enough to melt lead!

Alien:              (Coughing) Ugh! The air quality is atrocious!

Venus:             That’s because it’s made up of 98% carbon dioxide!

Narrator:          And even the rain’s poisonous!

Venus:             That’s because I have clouds of sulphuric acid!

Alien:              Time to leave! This definitely isn’t my home!

Play 2


Narrator           Earth               Alien   Moon

Mars                Phobos                        Deimos

Narrator:          Here we are! Another landing! But wait! What happened to the lights?

Moon:              You’re on the dark side of the moon! If it’s planets you’re meant to be visiting, you’re in the wrong place!

Alien:              (Scratching head) What?

Moon:              I go round the planet Earth. Planets go round the sun. So if it’s a planet you’re looking for …..

Alien:              So this can’t be home!

Narrator:          (Sighing) Then its

All:                  Back to the rocket!

Narrator:          Here we are! And you must be …

Mars:               Mars!

Narrator:          (Taking Mars bar out of his pocket, and taking a bite). Hmm. Don’t mind if I do!

Mars:               Careful with that wrapper! Don’t think you can come up here dropping litter wherever you go!

Alien:              What a temper!

Mars:               Of course! They didn’t name me after the Roman god of war for nothing!

Play 3


Narrator           Alien   Jupiter     Io    Europa    Ganymede   Callisto    Galileo    Great Red Spot

Jupiter:            Oh! You mean my Great Red Spot! So much for skin-care! (Chucks away bottle of Skin Cleanser) I really must get that seen to sometime!

Galileo:            Like when? That Great Red Spot has only been raging for …..the last 300 years!

Alien:              Oh! And it’s getting awfully dark round here!

Jupiter:           Didn’t anyone tell you my day only lasts just under 10 hours!

Narrator:       Time we moved on, I think!

Alien:              Yes, that definitely wasn’t my home!

Play 4


Narrator           Alien               Saturn    Titan     Astronaut        Uranus    Juliet   Cressida    Desdemona

Uranus:            Uranus.

Alien:              I say! Are you feeling all right?

Narrator:          Yes, you are looking a little green. (Pointing at Alien) Nearly as green as my friend here!

Uranus:            It’s no laughing matter, I can assure you! How would you like to be tilted at 98 degrees on your axis? And if you think that’s bad – you want to try living at either of my poles! They have 42 years of light followed by 42 years of darkness!

Alien:              No thank you! Can we move on now?

Astronaut:       Not ‘til I’ve found my Juliet!

(Enter Juliet, Cressida and Desdemona)

Juliet:               Coo eee! Over here

Narrator:          So what’s wrong with you? Your Apollo neck jumper not keeping you warm enough?

Juliet:               Oh go on! Having parties on our moons is so boring!

Cressida:         Yeah! There’s never any atmosphere!

Narrator:          What were you saying about losing your mind?

Alien:              Oh! That’s OK. I’m quite happy being a luna-tic!

Narrator:          Very well! Not that we need any ‘lightening up’ round here! (Floating around) Hold onto your seats. One more planet to go!

Play 5


Neptune          Triton              Narrator           Alien

Pluto                Astronaut        Juliet                Cressida          Desdemona

Pluto:               Hey! Wait a minute! What about me?

Narrator:          Oh dear! And there was me thinking news travelled fast in space.

Pluto:               No. I think you’ll find that’s light!

Narrator:          Hmmm. Well, perhaps it’s about time someone threw a little light on your situation!

Alien:              Be kind! This little chap looks a bit hurt!

Pluto:               That’s right!

Narrator:          It’s called ‘being in denial’.

Pluto:               Who? Me? Pluto? In denial? Never!

Juliet:               Oh look! He’s crying!

Cressida:         Oh there! There! You poor little thing!

Narrator:          Dwarf planet is what he is!

Astronaut:       ‘Fraid so! No longer a proper planet, according to the folks back home!

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