Ancient Egyptians Guided Reading Play Scripts


Ancient Egyptians Guided Reading Play Scripts


The Ancient Egyptians,  5 plays with 6 speakers each. (Total number of speakers – 30)

Each play is around 5 minutes reading time and comes with a quiz.

Total time: around 35 – 40 minutes

Unit 10 The Ancient Egyptians

Play 1 Introduction Speakers: Teacher, Student, Tutankhamun, Howard Carter, Ancient Egyptian 1&2

Howard Carter: Well, I did. It was just Carnarvon who wasn’t quite so lucky! Nasty things, those mosquitos. One bite and that was it. Died of blood poisoning.

Student: Was it true, the stories that his dog, back home in London, also laid down and died at the same time?

Tut: Oh yes. And all the lights went off, all over Cairo. I had my revenge, all right!

Howard Carter: Luckily, the rest of us today can see the wonderful treasures – gold ornaments, chariots, jewellery, furniture – without living in fear of being struck down!

Play 2 of The Ancient Egyptians Farmer’s Year Speakers: Farmer 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 &6

Farmer 3: Though we did leave a lot behind for those archaeologists! Always digging things up and learning about how we lived.

Farmer 4: Pots and pans, jewellery, weapons, (pause) .. and loo seats! Yes, the first known toilet seat in the world was dug up in the ancient Egyptian city of Akhenaten in 1350 B.C. I don’t suppose anyone was still sitting on it!

Play 3 of The Ancient Egyptians Daily Life Speakers: Mother, Father, Daughter, Son, Teacher, Priest

Son: Yes, they weren’t just amazing buildings, for us living persons to stand and admire.

Priest: No indeed. Far more importantly they were designed to send our pharaohs to join the gods in heaven.

Daughter: Wasn’t that called the after-life?

Priest: Yes. A world free of low life.

Son: Are you talking about those tomb robbers again?

Priest: Yes. We tried to make things harder for them. And then someone thought of hidden tombs!

Play 4 of The Ancient Egyptians The After-life Speakers: Chief Priest, Embalmer,  Mummy, Anubis, Osiris, Ammut

Chief Priest: Ready to stuff?

Embalmer:Yup! With straw, linen and sweet smelling herbs! Add a little salt

Mummy (muttering): This one obviously thinks he’s a celebrity chef!

Chief Priest: No! A little more than just a pinch of salt! This natron needs to cover the body if it’s going to dry out over the next 40 days!

Play 5 of The Ancient Egyptians The Gods Speakers: Amun, Nut, Thoth, Human, Hapi, Seth

Hapi (snorting) Hmph! Hapi by name but not always by nature! You make sure you lot, down there on earth, keep on the right side of me! You wouldn’t want me to stop the Nile from flooding, now would you?

Human: Most definitely not! (aside) Phew! These gods are a sensitive lot. Better be a bit more careful what I say, in future!

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