Boston Freedom Trail Guided Reading Play Scripts


Boston Freedom Trail Guided Reading Play Scripts


Boston Freedom Trail Guided Reading Play Scripts

Boston Freedom Trail Guided Reading Play Scripts. A set of scripts describing the events in Boston  through 5 locations on the Boston Freedom Trail

Boston Freedom Trail Guided Reading Play Scripts Sample Texts

1. Boston Common, The State House, Park Street Church, The Granary Burying Ground, The King’s Chapel and Burying Ground

Mr. Brown:         (Interrupting) But, sorry to interrupt, what does hang from the House of Representatives’ Chamber? We got a bit side-tracked by those flags!

Guide:                  Indeed! The answer is …. A codfish!

Ben:                       A fish? How did it get up there?

Lucy:                      Isn’t it a bit smelly?

Sam:                      Ugh! How long’s it been there?

Guide:                  Since 1798! But don’t worry – it’s not real, it’s actually made of wood.  But it is life-size – just under five feet long so pretty impressive …. Even if it doesn’t do much swimming these days!

Sam:                      So what’s it doing there? Seems a strange thing to have hanging from a ceiling in a State House!

Guide:                  It’s actually there to act as a reminder of the importance of the fish industry, in particular cod, to our state.

Mr. Brown:         And what better way to be reminded – than having a giant cod hanging over your head!


2.       Old South Meeting House, Old State House, Boston Massacre Site and Faneuil Hall

Lucy:                      He means Samuel  Adams, Dad. Haven’t you been listening?

Mr. Brown:         (Huffily) I thought I had!

Mrs. Brown:       So what was Sam’s statement that got everything going?

Sam:                      You listening, Dad? “Gentlemen, this meeting can do nothing more to save the country”.

Mrs. Brown:       Was that it? Not much of a speech if you ask me!

Sam:                      It was never meant to be a speech, mum! It was a sign to those men, dressed up as Mohawk Indians, to go and tip all that tea into the sea!

Ben:                       Wasn’t it a bit salty?

3. Paul Revere’s House, Old North Church and Copp’s Hill Burying Ground

Lucy:                      How many children did he have?

Guide:                  Sixteen altogether! But 5 of these died young, and there were only eight of them living here at any one time.

Mrs. Brown:       Only! That sounds more than enough to me, in a house of this size! No wonder the master of the house was always off  – on his rides!

Mr. Brown:         You can hardly blame him! All those kids! I reckon I’d have taken up riding too!

Sam:                      So why did that Longfellow fellow choose Revere as his hero? Why not Dawes or Prescott?

Guide:                  Good question!

Lucy:                      With an obvious enough answer! What rhymes best with the opening line: “Listen, my children, and you shall hear  – Dawes,  Prescott or Revere? It’s  not rocket science!

4. U.S.S. Constitution

Guide:                  And so we stand before Old Ironsides – the oldest commissioned warship in the world!

Ben:                       I thought you said this ship was the USS Constitution?

Guide:                  Correct. But she earned her nickname during the 1812 War when a sailor from a ship she was attacking, shouted out “Huzzah! Her sides are made of iron! See where the shot fell out!”

Sam:                      So her sides aren’t actually made of iron?

Guide:                  No. They’re made from a really strong wood called ‘live oak’. So strong in fact that cannon balls just seemed to bounce right off her!

5. Bunker Hill

Guide:                  So. Who’s feeling energetic?

Lucy:                      What? After the climb up this hill? Are you serious?

Mr. Brown:         Oh come on, Lucy. Surely you’re not going to let a mere 294 steps stand between you and a great view of Boston?

Lucy:                      What? You mean there’s no elevator to the top?

Guide:                  ‘Fraid not! Only one way up – using your feet!

Sam:                      Come on, sis! Surely you’re not that unfit?

Lucy:                      Who said anything about being unfit? But before I do this act of madness, I want to know a bit more about why it’s here. Not just to test fitness levels, I’m guessing!

Guide:                  Correct! It was built to celebrate the bravery shown at this very spot, at the famous Battle of Bunker Hill, on June 17th 1775 – even though this is actually Breeds Hill!



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