Sacagawea Guided Reading Play Scripts


Sacagawea Guided Reading Play Scripts


Sacagawea Guided Reading Play Scripts

Sacagawea Guided Reading Play Scripts. Sacagawea Guided Reading Play Scripts (Readers Theater): (1) background.  Sacagawea’s childhood – Life with the Shoshone (2) Life with the Minnetaree (3) Wife and Guide (4) Expedition (5) Sacagawea’s Legacy

Sacagawea Guided Reading Play Scripts Sample Texts:

1.Background – Sacagawea’s Childhood – Life with the Shoshone


Narrator                                  Sister

Sacagawea                              Mother

Brother (Cameahwait)            Father

Sister:              Is that why we’re always on the move, father?

Mother:           Questions! Questions! Let me answer some of them to give your father a break! Don’t you know how tired he is when he comes back from hunting buffalo?

Sister:              So why doesn’t he stick to fishing? You don’t need a horse to catch a salmon!

Sacagawea:     It’s not quite as simple as that, sister! During the summer we have plenty of food, like rabbits, foxes and deer, as well as the fish in the streams we camp by.

Sister:              So why must we move on every fall? I hate going over those mountains.

Brother:           But if we didn’t go over the mountains we wouldn’t come to the great plains, stupid! And we wouldn’t survive the winter without the buffalo – to feed us and keep us warm!


2.Life with the Minnetaree




Indian 1, 2, 3, and 4 (Minnetarees)

Indian 4:          Time, indeed, for a new name!

Indian 1:          Make that Sakaaka Wiiya.

Sacagawea:     And what does that mean?

Indian 2:          Bird woman! You sure have a lot to learn!

Indian 3:          No time to lose! Let’s start with your field work.

Sacagawea:     My what?

Indian 4:          Why, growing crops, of course!

Sacagawea:     Crops?

Indian 1:          Something tells me it’s going to be harder work explaining everything to this one, than getting on with it ourselves!

3.Wife ….. and guide


Narrator                                  Meriwether Lewis

Sacagawea                              William Clark

Toussaint Charbonneau          George Drewyer

Charbonneau:(Angrily) Where’s that wife of mine? I paid those Indians more than a fair price for her!

Sacagawea:     Here I am, dear husband!

Narrator:         (Aside) Poor Sacagawea! Fate had certainly played her a rough hand! Just 3 years after being taken by the Minnataree, here she was again – sold to another, with absolutely no say in the matter! And at the tender age of 15!

Sacagawea:     To a man three times my age! I thought being dragged off by another tribe of Indians was bad enough! But being married to a pompous Frenchman is even worse!

Charbonneau: Pardon?

Sacagawea:     Oh nothing, dearest. Just saying how lucky I was to get sold to you!

Charbonneau: You mean, married to me! Let’s try and be a little more romantic, shall we?

Sacagawea:     (Pondering)  Hmmmm….. No! Let’s not! But look! What is that huge boat coming up the river?

Narrator:         And at this point, Sacagawea’s life was to take yet another turn – for the better. For who should walk into her life but ..

Clark:               Good day! My name’s Clark!

4.Expedition April  1805 – August 1806


Narrator                      Lewis

Sacagawea                  Clark

Charbonneau              Drewyer

Narrator:         ………His birth was nice and quick

Sacagawea:     Thank you for that powdered Rattlesnake’s tail!

Charbonneau: Well, we couldn’t be hanging around!

Clark:               Certainly not! Places to go

Lewis:              People to see!

Drewyer:         Er, shouldn’t that be ‘People to go, places to see’?

Clark:               Oh please! Do wait ‘til we ask for your help in future!

Lewis:              I can see this might be a mighty long journey!

Charbonneau: Not if I have anything to do with it! Are we there yet?

Narrator:         And so, with members of the expedition getting on each others’ nerves before they’d even set off, what hope was there of success? You might think “Very little” … but you’d be wrong! Despite many near disasters

5.Sacagawea’s Legacy








Narrator:         But history has a way of ‘dumbing down’ the facts. And it wasn’t ‘til 100 years later that people started to recognize what a great heroine Sacagawea was.

Sacagawea:     Better late than never!

Charbonneau: To have all those mountains and lakes named after you!

Clark:               To have those statues erected in your honour!

Pomp:              And to have your face – and mine! On that dollar bill in the year 2000! Now that was really cool!

Lewis:              Indeed, no other American woman in history has ever had the number of memorials and landmarks your mother had!




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