War of Independence (single play)


War of Independence (single play)


War of Independence (single play)

War of Independence (single play). Three against three – surely that’s fair! But maybe not when one of your side defects to the other! On the English side – a king, a prime minister and a general –  more than a match you’d have thought for a journalist, a Patriot and …oh but wait – Washington was a general and a president – so maybe that evens out the odds a bit! Read on to see which side wins in this re-run of the War of Independence!

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King George III

Prime Minister George Grenville

General Charles Cornwallis

George Washington (general and president)

Samuel Adams (Patriots leader)

Thomas Paine (English journalist – emigrated to US)


Adams:            Patriotism! ‘Tis a wonderful thing!

George III:      If, that is, you understand what it means! Somebody, not a million miles from here, seemed to have great difficulty deciding which country he belonged to!

Washington:    The shame of it! Surely no-one could have been uncertain as to what side they were on in our great War of Independence!

Cornwallis:      We had no such traitors in my army!

Grenville:        So who was this Judas?

Paine:              I think he means me!

George III:      Yes, you! Paine by name and pain by nature! If only you’d stayed in your homeland and stayed loyal to England!


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