World Cup What it takes to be a Winner guided reading scripts


World Cup Football – What it Takes To Be A Winner – 5 mini plays – 6 speakers each – guided reading scripts


World Cup Football – What it Takes To Be A Winner – 5 mini plays – 6 speakers each – guided reading scripts

5 mini plays – 6 speakers each – based on P.R.I.D.E.”

      1. Positive Mental Attitude
      2. Respect
      3. Intelligent Choices
      4. Dreams and Goals
      5. Effort and Education

This set of 5 group readers is intended to promote the concepts behind PRIDE – standing for (as above) Positive Mental Attitude, Respect, Intelligent Choices, Dreams and Effort (Education). In short, the promotion of healthy, positive self-esteem among young people, highlighting the fact that ‘being the best’ takes time, effort and all-round commitment.

Sample texts:



        • Player 1
        • Player 2
        • Player 3
        • Player 4
        • Fan
        • Coach


Fan:                 Excuse me! Could I have your autograph?

Player 1:          Yeah! But make it quick. Coach will be onto us!

Player 2:          No time to lose

Player 3:          Not in our training schedule.

Player 4:          Hours and hours of hard labour!

Fan:                 But you’ve already got the skills! You don’t need to practice!

Coach:                         (Snorting) Oh really?

Fan:                 Yeah, really!  You guys are, after all, the best in the world. Course, for the rest of us it’s different. It wouldn’t matter how many hours I spent practicing, I’d still be bottom of the heap! My school mates always said I was rubbish and they were right!

Coach:             So. Let’s talk about the real issue here.

Fan:                 Which is?

Coach:             Positive mental attitude.

Fan:                 Sorry. You’ve lost me!

Coach:             Seems to me more like you’ve lost yourself.

Fan:                 Pardon?

Player 1:          What coach is saying, is that without a good positive mental attitude, you’re lost!

Fan:                 (Sighing) I guess he’s right. Once a loser, always a loser.

Player 2:          But that’s where you’re wrong.

Player 3:          Yeah. I used to think I was no good – I’d never have dreamt I’d be playing for this team one day!

Fan:                 (Exclaiming) No! Really? But how could you not believe in


Player 4:          All too easily!

Player 1:          I was lucky – I had loads of support from my family.

Player 2:          But not all of us are that lucky.

Player 3:          You have to develop your own mental strategies.

Fan:                 But nobody’s ever told me I’m any good at anything!

Player 3:          You’re not listening! I’ll say it again. You have to develop your own mental strategies.

Coach:                         You have to believe in yourself!




        • Player 1
        • Player 2
        • Player 3
        • Player 4
        • Fan
        • Coach


Fan:                 Hey! About that autograph! I know you’re busy but come on! Have a bit of respect for your number one fan!

Player 1:          (Laughing) Respect? You wouldn’t recognize respect if it came up and shook you by the hand!

Coach:                         Besides. You’ve got to earn it first!

Fan:                 I could do that!

Player 2:          Yes, but you’ve also got to give respect, too.

Player 3:          Every time we, as a team, run out onto that pitch – we respect each other.

Coach:                         These players are a team when they go out there to play.

Player 4:          We’re not individuals looking for fame

Player 1:          We’re a team, looking to each other for support.

Player 2:          Without that kind of respect for each other, as teammates, we’d be nothing.

Coach:                         And then there’s the opposition

Fan:                 Boo! Hiss!

Coach:             And there’s someone else out there we need to respect

Fan:                 (Sheepishly) I’m guessing – not me then?

Coach:                         Not even close!

Player 3:          This guy may not always be our favourite person, but hey! We sure don’t want to

get on his wrong side!

Player 4:          The ref! Bless his cotton socks!

Player 1:          And any other part of his clothing – if it keeps him sweet!

Coach:                         Yup! Love him or hate him, he’s there to do a job

Player 2:          Just the same as we are!




        • Player 1
        • Player 2
        • Player 3
        • Player 4
        • Fan
        • Coach


Fan:                 So. About that autograph?

Player 1:          You again! You don’t give up! I admire your determination.

Coach:             That will certainly stand you in good stead! Let’s just hope you apply it when making important choices in life.

Fan :                Like?

Coach:             Well, like what you’re going to do with your life.

Fan:                 Oh that’s easy. It’s football for me, all the way! No difficult choice there. What? Between a life of study and the life of a superstar? (Scratching chin) Hmm, let’s see! Loadsa books or ….. loadsa money, celebrity, flash cars, smart clothes, girls falling around my feet …Yup! I think the superstar has it!

Player 1:          You make it sound so glamorous!

Player 2:          We wish!

Player 3:          Yeah, if only!

Fan:                 Oh c’mon guys! Look at where you’re at? What I wouldn’t give to have your

status! Give me a break!

Player 4:          Give you a break? What about, give us a break!

Player 1:          Do you seriously think all we do in our spare time is drive Lamborghinis in and

out of shopping malls?

Fan:                 I can think of worse ways of spending my time!

Player 2:          And do you seriously think money’s what it’s all about?

Coach:                         First, let’s put this misguided pleasure seeker right about what it takes!

Player 3:          Commitment!

Player 4:          Heartbreak – taking the good times with the bad.

Player 1:          Peak fitness along with injury

Player 2:          Sacrifice – hours and hours of your time

Player 3:          All to one common end.

Coach:                         Achieving your personal best

Player 4:          Whatever it takes

Player 1:          Physically or mentally.

Player 2:          Wherever you have to be

Player 3:          In your home town

Player 4:          Or half way around the world.

Player 1:          No excuses.

Player 2:          And for a lot of the time, just sheer hard grind.




        • Player 1
        • Player 2
        • Player 3
        • Player 4
        • Fan
        • Coach


Coach:                         OK you lot! Liven up! Enough of these dreams! Time to come back down to


Fan:                 What a spoil sport! And we were having such fun!

Player 1:          (Sighing) My Lamborghini!

Player 2:          (Sighing) My desert island!

Player 3:          (Sighing) My chocolate fountain!

Player 4:          (Sighing) My ..

Coach:                         (Interrupting) Oh please! Enough of all this indulgence! What’s going on here?

You boys are living your dream – what more could you want?

Player 1:          (Yawning) Nothing, boss! We were just having a little time out.

Coach:                         Time out?! In case you’ve forgotten, it’s me that calls your time outs, not you!

Player 2:          (Yawning and stretching) OK gov. Chill out a little, won’t you?

Player 3:          (Rubbing eyes) Yeah, cool it, man. Let’s slow things down a little.

Coach:                         Slow things down a little? Try reverse – you’re pretty close!

Fan:                 Ooh! Someone round here sure could do with a chill pill!

Coach:             Silence! Where is my normal team of prize athletes! Enough of this dreaming nonsense and on with proper business.

Fan:                 (Sulkily) No harm in dreaming!

Coach:                         Only when those dreams are based in reality.

Player 4:          Coach is right. We are all living the dream. And that means a lot of hard work.




        • Player 1
        • Player 2
        • Player 3
        • Player 4
        • Coach
        • Fan


Fan:                 About that autograph? Or am I out of luck?

Coach:             Luck? No, you will have won your autograph today through sheer dogged determination!

Player 1:          Like kids at school. They’re not there through chance. They’re there because they’ve made the effort.

Player 2:          And they know they’re in the right place, to make that effort.

Player 3:          It’s not luck that’s brought them there. It’s brains.

Player 4:          They’re smart kids. They know that if you want something badly enough in life,

you have to work for it.

Coach:             They know that life doesn’t just hand everything over to you on a plate. You have to put in the hours.

Player 1:          You have to be with people that will nurture that desire to improve.

Player 2:          Teachers. People who care about your futures.

Player 3:          People who will do all they can to help you achieve your potential.


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