World Cup What it takes to be a Winner guided reading scripts


World Cup What it takes to be a Winner guided reading scripts


World Cup Football – What it Takes To Be A Winner – 5 mini plays – 6 speakers each – guided reading scripts

5 mini plays – 6 speakers each – based on P.R.I.D.E.”

  • 1. Positive Mental Attitude
  • 2. Respect
  • 3. Intelligent Choices
  • 4. Dreams and Goals
  • 5. Effort and Education

This set of 5 group readers is intended to promote the concepts behind PRIDE – standing for (as above) Positive Mental Attitude, Respect, Intelligent Choices, Dreams and Effort (Education). In short, the promotion of healthy, positive self esteem among young people, highlighting the fact that ‘being the best’ takes time, effort and all round commitment.

Sample texts:



  • Player 1
  • Player 2
  • Player 3
  • Player 4
  • Fan
  • Coach


Fan:                 Excuse me! Could I have your autograph?

Player 1:          Yeah! But make it quick. Coach will be onto us!

Player 2:          No time to lose

Player 3:          Not in our training schedule.

Player 4:          Hours and hours of hard labour!

Fan:                 But you’ve already got the skills! You don’t need to practice!

Coach:                         (Snorting) Oh really?

Fan:                 Yeah, really!  You guys are, after all, the best in the world. Course, for the rest of us it’s different. It wouldn’t matter how many hours I spent practicing, I’d still be bottom of the heap! My school mates always said I was rubbish and they were right!

Coach:             So. Let’s talk about the real issue here.

Fan:                 Which is?

Coach:             Positive mental attitude.

Fan:                 Sorry. You’ve lost me!

Coach:             Seems to me more like you’ve lost yourself.

Fan:                 Pardon?

Player 1:          What coach is saying, is that without a good positive mental attitude, you’re lost!

Fan:                 (Sighing) I guess he’s right. Once a loser, always a loser.

Player 2:          But that’s where you’re wrong.

Player 3:          Yeah. I used to think I was no good – I’d never have dreamt I’d be playing for this team one day!

Fan:                 (Exclaiming) No! Really? But how could you not believe in


Player 4:          All too easily!

Player 1:          I was lucky – I had loads of support from my family.

Player 2:          But not all of us are that lucky.

Player 3:          You have to develop your own mental strategies.

Fan:                 But nobody’s ever told me I’m any good at anything!

Player 3:          You’re not listening! I’ll say it again. You have to develop your own mental strategies.

Coach:                         You have to believe in yourself!




  • Player 1
  • Player 2
  • Player 3
  • Player 4
  • Fan
  • Coach


Fan:                 Hey! About that autograph! I know you’re busy but come on! Have a bit of respect for your number one fan!

Player 1:          (Laughing) Respect? You wouldn’t recognize respect if it came up and shook you by the hand!

Coach:                         Besides. You’ve got to earn it first!

Fan:                 I could do that!

Player 2:          Yes, but you’ve also got to give respect, too.

Player 3:          Every time we, as a team, run out onto that pitch – we respect each other.

Coach:                         These players are a team when they go out there to play.

Player 4:          We’re not individuals looking for fame

Player 1:          We’re a team, looking to each other for support.

Player 2:          Without that kind of respect for each other, as teammates, we’d be nothing.

Coach:                         And then there’s the opposition

Fan:                 Boo! Hiss!

Coach:             And there’s someone else out there we need to respect

Fan:                 (Sheepishly) I’m guessing – not me then?

Coach:                         Not even close!

Player 3:          This guy may not always be our favourite person, but hey! We sure don’t want to

get on his wrong side!

Player 4:          The ref! Bless his cotton socks!

Player 1:          And any other part of his clothing – if it keeps him sweet!

Coach:                         Yup! Love him or hate him, he’s there to do a job

Player 2:          Just the same as we are!




Player 1

Player 2

Player 3

Player 4




Fan:                 So. About that autograph?

Player 1:          You again! You don’t give up! I admire your determination.

Coach:             That will certainly stand you in good stead! Let’s just hope you apply it when making important choices in life.

Fan :                Like?

Coach:             Well, like what you’re going to do with your life.

Fan:                 Oh that’s easy. It’s football for me, all the way! No difficult choice there. What? Between a life of study and the life of a superstar? (Scratching chin) Hmm, let’s see! Loadsa books or ….. loadsa money, celebrity, flash cars, smart clothes, girls falling around my feet …Yup! I think the superstar has it!

Player 1:          You make it sound so glamorous!

Player 2:          We wish!

Player 3:          Yeah, if only!

Fan:                 Oh c’mon guys! Look at where you’re at? What I wouldn’t give to have your

status! Give me a break!

Player 4:          Give you a break? What about, give us a break!

Player 1:          Do you seriously think all we do in our spare time is drive Lamborghinis in and

out of shopping malls?

Fan:                 I can think of worse ways of spending my time!

Player 2:          And do you seriously think money’s what it’s all about?

Coach:                         First, let’s put this misguided pleasure seeker right about what it takes!

Player 3:          Commitment!

Player 4:          Heartbreak – taking the good times with the bad.

Player 1:          Peak fitness along with injury

Player 2:          Sacrifice – hours and hours of your time

Player 3:          All to one common end.

Coach:                         Achieving your personal best

Player 4:          Whatever it takes

Player 1:          Physically or mentally.

Player 2:          Wherever you have to be

Player 3:          In your home town

Player 4:          Or half way around the world.

Player 1:          No excuses.

Player 2:          And for a lot of the time, just sheer hard grind.




  • Player 1
  • Player 2
  • Player 3
  • Player 4
  • Fan
  • Coach


Coach:                         OK you lot! Liven up! Enough of these dreams! Time to come back down to


Fan:                 What a spoil sport! And we were having such fun!

Player 1:          (Sighing) My Lamborghini!

Player 2:          (Sighing) My desert island!

Player 3:          (Sighing) My chocolate fountain!

Player 4:          (Sighing) My ..

Coach:                         (Interrupting) Oh please! Enough of all this indulgence! What’s going on here?

You boys are living your dream – what more could you want?

Player 1:          (Yawning) Nothing, boss! We were just having a little time out.

Coach:                         Time out?! In case you’ve forgotten, it’s me that calls your time outs, not you!

Player 2:          (Yawning and stretching) OK gov. Chill out a little, won’t you?

Player 3:          (Rubbing eyes) Yeah, cool it, man. Let’s slow things down a little.

Coach:                         Slow things down a little? Try reverse – you’re pretty close!

Fan:                 Ooh! Someone round here sure could do with a chill pill!

Coach:             Silence! Where is my normal team of prize athletes! Enough of this dreaming nonsense and on with proper business.

Fan:                 (Sulkily) No harm in dreaming!

Coach:                         Only when those dreams are based in reality.

Player 4:          Coach is right. We are all living the dream. And that means a lot of hard work.




  • Player 1
  • Player 2
  • Player 3
  • Player 4
  • Coach
  • Fan


Fan:                 About that autograph? Or am I out of luck?

Coach:             Luck? No, you will have won your autograph today through sheer dogged determination!

Player 1:          Like kids at school. They’re not there through chance. They’re there because they’ve made the effort.

Player 2:          And they know they’re in the right place, to make that effort.

Player 3:          It’s not luck that’s brought them there. It’s brains.

Player 4:          They’re smart kids. They know that if you want something badly enough in life,

you have to work for it.

Coach:             They know that life doesn’t just hand everything over to you on a plate. You have to put in the hours.

Player 1:          You have to be with people that will nurture that desire to improve.

Player 2:          Teachers. People who care about your futures.

Player 3:          People who will do all they can to help you achieve your potential.


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