Events Leading up to the American War of Independence


Events Leading up to the American War of Independence


Events Leading up to the American War of Independence

This Class Play for Readers Theater is in 3 parts:

  • 1. The Boston Massacre
  • 2. The Boston Tea Party
  • 3. The events at Lexington and Concord.

Events Leading up to the American War of Independence. Who fired those first shots – in Boston, Lexington and Concord? Just how did the fish in Boston Harbor become teetotal overnight? How did the poet Longfellow make himself so unpopular with certain Patriot riders?

Look for the answers and re-live these moments in history that led to the American War of Independence.

Sample text

1.Boston Massacre

Narrator:             And with that, the crowd surged forward and things became very ugly.

Preston:               This is madness! Stand back! Stand back I tell you!

Attucks:               And how are you going to make us?

Gray:                     Come on then! Let’s see what you’re made of!

Montgomery:    What do we do, sir? This lot aren’t going to listen to reason!

Kilroy:                   I can only see this going one way!

Preston:               Stay calm! Hold your ground!

2.Boston Tea Party

Narrator:             So moves were afoot – to make life just a little less comfortable for the East India Company and its ships. These were certainly not going to go down a treat with the ship-owners!

Rotch:                   This is preposterous! How much longer must I stand on my ship, still fully loaded with tea!

First mate:          (Under his breath) Somebody got out of bed the wrong side this morning!

Second mate:    Did I forget to add some sugar, this morning, sir?

Rotch:                   (Furiously) No, my tea was just fine!  But I don’t need a cargo-full to get me out of bed in the morning!

First mate:          The problem is getting it unloaded, sir!

Rotch:                   Yes, I rather gathered that! But why?

Second mate:    Well, the locals are refusing to cooperate, sir.

3.Lexington & Concord

Narrator 3:          Meanwhile, the second rider to set off that night, one William Dawes, was having problems of his own.

Brit Soldier 1:     Halt! Who goes there?

Dawes:                 (Reeling around, pretending to be drunk) Who goes where? I was told I’d be crossing Boston Neck – not getting it in the neck!

Brit Soldier 2:     State your business!

Dawes:                 Mind your own! All these questions!

Brit Soldier 2:     For which I need answers!

Dawes:                 Well, I’m on my way home! Is that good enough for you?

Brit Soldier 1:     Where have you been? … other than down the local inn!

Dawes:                 Well, let’s see. When I set off this morning ………. Ah yes, I’ve been at market all day!

Brit Soldier 2:     And we can see how you’re spent your earnings! Be on your way, you scoundrel!

Dawes:                 Phew! A narrow escape!

Extract from Redcoat Rap


Over the hills

And far away.

Here come the Redcoats

They’re not here to play!

And what about that party

At the bottom of the sea?

Where the only drink served

Was 342 barrels of tea!

What a shock to each

Of those 3 ships and their crew

When they were joined on board

By Mohawk Indians yelling “Yahoo!”


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