Citizenship Skills (PRIDE) Assembly


Citizenshp Skills (PRIDE) Assembly


Citizenship Skills (PRIDE) Assembly

Citizenship Skills (PRIDE) Assembly is a Class Play, inspired by The Celtics basketball team, in Boston – featuring 17 basketball players, 1 coach, 3 fans, 3 dancers plus mascot. It sets out to demonstrate the importance of P.R.I.D.E. – an acronym for Positive attitude; Respect for yourself and others;  the ability to make Intelligent decisions; time to Dream; and not forgetting all the Effort that needs to be put in – in all walks of life. The sport (basketball) can be easily replaced by another e.g. football, ice hockey, … with a few adjustments to the text.

Citizenship Skills (PRIDE) Assembly has a  cast of 25, Duration: around 15 – 20 minutes reading time – around 4 minutes for each ‘section’ covering Positive Mental Attitude, Respect, Intelligent Choices, Dreams & Goals, Effort and Education. This obviously doesn’t include music which is optional.

This Class Play provides the perfect way of demonstrating what it takes to make it in life – the kind of success story all children can aspire to.

Also available as set of 5 guided reading play scripts (Readers Theater) plus quizzes, as broken down above – See under Guided Reading Play Scripts section

Extract from Citizenship Skills (PRIDE) Assembly

Player 11:        (Yawning and stretching) OK gov. Chill out a little, won’t you?

Player 12:        (Rubbing eyes) Yeah, cool it, man. Let’s slow things down a little.

Coach:             Slow things down a little? Try reverse – you’re pretty close!

Mascot:           Ooh! Someone round here sure could do with a chill pill!

Coach:             And speaking of pills – maybe sleeping pills? Or sleeping powder? Just what trickery have you been up to? Where is my normal team of prize athletes?

Player 10:        (Yawning) Right here, Coach! (Searching around) Hey, where’s my teddy?

Coach:             Oh my Lord! Time for drastic measures. (Shouting) Dan-cers? Get down here now!

Music 7 –  Will Smith: Freakin’ It

(Dancers take players through an energetic dance routine to Will Smith’s Freakin’ It, with Coach

taking “I don’t want to see you sitting around” line, with the rest of the cast singing ‘Yeah! Yeah!’

Mascot trying to stop them, in vain)

Player 10:        (Shaking his head) Phew! That’s better! Where was I?

Player 11:        (Laughing) Looking for your teddy!

(All fall about laughing)

Coach:             So enough silly business (Glares at Mascot); and on with proper business.

Mascot:           (Sulkily) No harm in dreaming!

Coach:             Not when those dreams are based in reality.

Player 13:        Coach is right. We are all living the dream. And that means a lot of hard work.

Player 12:        Which is fine – if that’s what it takes.

Coach:             I’m not saying we shouldn’t have dreams – just think of Martin Luther King’s great speech – “I have a dream ..’ But we all need goals too. Something concrete to work on!!

Mascot:           Sounds uncomfortable to me!

Coach:             I’m sure it does! About time someone tried to discipline you!

Mascot:           I’d like to see them try!

Coach:             I would ….. but at the moment I have rather more pressing matters in hand. Like helping my boys, here!

Player 10:        And we’re not about to let you, ourselves, or our fans down!

Player 11:        That’s right! We have our feet firmly on the ground now. Ready for action.

Player 12:        (Stretching) I guess that chocolate fountain will have to wait!

Player 11:        (Sighing) And my desert island.

Player 10:        But wait! What was it that mascot told us all about dreaming to make things come true?

(Player 11, Player 12 and Player 13 close their eyes, as Player 10 runs off stage)

(Sound of engines)

(Player 10 returns on stage, driving a Lamborghini, with a ‘Pimp My Ride’ sign).

Player 10:        Quick lads! We haven’t got much time if we’re going to get to that desert island

and back before the next match! Jump in!

(All 3 players jump in, leaving Coach shaking his fists, and Mascot jumping up and down in glee)

Music 8 – Michael Jackson: Beat it

(Coach, dancing in Gino t.shirt, advancing upon Mascot with each ‘Beat it’, and Mascot retreating)


  • 1. Will Smith – Black Suits Comin’ (Nod Ya Head)
  • 2. 50 Cents – In Da Club
  • 3. Will Smith – Switch
  • 4. Nellie – Ride Wit Me
  • 5. Michael Jackson – Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough
  • 6. Everley Brothers – Dream
  • 7. Will Smith – Freakin’ It
  • 8. Michael Jackson – Beat it
  • 9. Tina Turner – Simply the Best

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