Go Obama!


Go Obama!


Go Obama!

Go Obama! is a children’s version of Obama’s inauguration speech is intended to bring Obama’s ‘message of hope’ alive – in our schools. There are 30 speakers plus narrator – this number easily adapted for a smaller number.

Free Go Obama! script

In direct contrast to one I am tempted to write on …no prizes for guessing who! Entitled     Go Trump – please!

Extraordinary to consider the contrast between the coming inauguration of Biden and that of Obama. I remember it well as I was living in the States at the time – having canvassed for Obama the previous year.

Following is taken from Go Obama script I wrote to celebrate his inauguration – and which I am offering free as a reminder of better times:

On January 20th 2009 Barack Obama was sworn in – as the *44th President of the United States!

Contrast that with run up to 2021 inauguration – one defiant ex (or about to be ex) president refusing to bow down in the face of defeat. What a legacy he has left.  Below is news coverage of Wed 6th shameful storming of U.S. Capitol by Trump supporters – at his instigation:

‘Seething with anger, mostly unmasked, Donald Trump’s supporters stormed and breached the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, stoked by his defiant speech claiming the election had been stolen from him.’

Let’s hope for better, saner times ahead.

Narrator:      And hands, previously scrunched up as fists, can reach out and join with others in friendship.

Child 12:       And let’s not forget the poor.

Child 13:       They need food and clean water. And we shouldn’t sit back, in our lucky abundance, and ignore the plight of those less fortunate than ourselves.

Child 14:       Nor should we squander and abuse the world’s resources. These are not limitless and we have to learn responsibility for our actions.

Child 15:       And never should we forget those who sacrificed their lives for the sake of future generations.

Child 16:       We honor those lying in their graves in Arlington.

Child 17:       And we honor those in far off lands – facing great danger as we speak.

Child 18:       We honor all these heroes -past and present.

Child 19:       And their spirit of service.

Child 20:       That’s what Obama wants from all of us – the willingness to serve and make sacrifices if necessary.

Child 21:       Courage and nurturing, saving lives and improving them – with both bravery and kindness.

Child 22:       Hard work

Child 23:       Honesty

Child 24:       Courage



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