Spanish Assembly


Spanish Assembly


Spanish Assembly

Cast Size: 30 – easily adjustable up or down

Duration: Reading time around 10 minutes but this does not include music suggestions/dancing – which will double the length of the assembly.

Spanish Assembly (I have just updated this script – to include more up to date information e.g. on arrival of Zinedine Zidane as Real Madrid’s coach!)

(Child 17 brings on supper of cheese, served on bread)

Child 17:               Supper! Cena. This is the last meal of the day and is a light meal. I think you’ll enjoy this sheep’s cheese and bread.

(Narrator eats, then Child 17 clears away)

Narrator:             Well! That was certainly the fastest three meals I’ve ever had in my life!

(Enter Child 18 with bunch of grapes)

Child 18:               Good practice for New Year’s Eve – when you need to eat 12 grapes in 12 seconds!

Narrator:             And why would I want to do that?

Child 18:               If you want good luck for the next year.

Narrator:             What a strange custom!

Child 18:               But it’s a country’s special traditions that keep it alive!

(Enter Child 19 – 23 in national costume, plus sheep: Child 24 & 25)

Narrator:             (Gasping) Wow! Just look at these national costumes!

Child 19:               In Valencia we wear long silk dresses and shawls worn over our shoulders

Child 20:               And short dark jackets and large-brimmed black hats for us men!

Music 3 – Flamenco music

(Child 21 flamencos across the stage)

Child 21:               How do you like my dress? Andalucian style?

Narrator:             Ah! Beautiful!

Music 4 – Bagpipes music

(Everyone covers their ears; Narrator walks over and signals to Bagpipe player, Child 22, to stop)

Child 22:               The finest music from Galicia!

Narrator:             If you say so!

(Sound of loud bleating from the sheep)

Narrator:             (To Shepherd, Child 23) And you sir?

Child 23:               A shepherd, from the Basque country, looking after his sheep.

(Sheep start ‘jostling/nudging’ Flamenco dancer who does her best to fend off their attentions)

Narrator:             (To Shepherd) Er, maybe time to herd them up?

Child 23:               Of course. No problems.

(Shepherd, Child 23 whistles – and sheep come running)

(Exit Child 19 – 25)

Narrator:             (Sighing with relief) Phew! Never a good idea to bring animals into a production!

(Sounds of screams and shouting as Child 1 – 5/Pamplona Runners race across stage)

Narrator:             Wait a minute! Wait a minute! What’s going on here?

(One of ‘runners’ returns to explain)

Runner:                (Panting) Haven’t you heard of The Running of the Bulls?

Narrator:             Oh no! Not more animals! These sound way scarier than those sheep!

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