Welsh Assembly in celebration of St. David’s Day


Welsh Assembly in celebration of St. David’s Day


Welsh Assembly in celebration of St. David’s Day An Assembly for March 1st – St. David’s Day – on Wales, and who do we have waiting in the wings?

  • Shirley Bassey – a class act
  • Tom Jones (shame about the shirt)
  • Badfinger – vying for position with Goldfinger
  • The Welsh Rugby Team
  • plus 007, Laura Ashley models, Sound of Music nuns

And if we’re talking unlikely inclusions … Ying Tong Song?!

Yet again our hapless Narrator manages, against all the odds, to hold it together – those Tommy Cooper jokes certainly help! Oh, and then there’s St. David, too, of course …!

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Welsh Assembly in celebration of St. David’s Day Sample Text:

Child 19:               ‘Old proverbs are the children of truth’.

Narrator:             And those children occasionally need a little discipline

(Pulls out a rod and flexes it) ‘Better the rod that bends than the one that breaks.’

(Children all recoil, gasping in horror)

Narrator:             Now! Let’s proceed! (Holding up book Under Milk Wood) Some more great Welsh culture, please!

Music 2 The Ying Tong Song – Goons

(Whole cast participating, Narrator looking on in bewilderment and despair)

Narrator:             Cut! What is going on? What has this to do with Welsh culture?

Child 20:               Have you never listened to The Goon Show? With our great Sir Harry Secombe as Neddie Seagoon?

Narrator:             And that’s culture?

Child 20:               As good as it gets!

Narrator:             Next! Something or somebody a bit ‘classy‘ I hope

Music 3 Goldfinger  – Shirley Bassey

(Shirley Bassey ‘lookalike’ performs part of this song)

Narrator:             Wow! You can’t get much classier than Dame (bowing) Shirley Bassey! Thank you for bringing your very special touch of glamour to this show! Now, how can we follow that?

Music 4 No Matter What You Are – Badfinger

(Band of four – ‘Badfinger’ – perform on stage)

Narrator:             And you are?

Band:                    (Together) Badfinger!

Narrator:             Hmm. I’m thinking, Goldfinger had a little more class! (Snorting) Music from the 60’s! What is this assembly coming to?

Music 5 It’s Not Unusual – Tom Jones

(Tom Jones ‘lookalike’ performs part of song; Narrator joins in ‘exaggerated hip movements at the side)

Narrator:             Sir (bows) Tom Jones, no less! My! Am I keeping smart company today! (Aside) Shame about the frilly shirt! Next!

Music 6 Fashion – David Bowie

(Procession of ‘models’ wearing Laura Ashley-type clothes, strut along ‘pretend catwalk’)

Narrator:             What was I saying about frilly fashion?

Child 21:               Laura Ashley, that great Welsh designer

Narrator:             No offence, intended! These girls look just beautiful! What a fashion icon!

Music 7 Climb every Mountain – from Sound of Music

(Two nuns singing four appropriate lines from song)

Narrator:             Now  you really are losing me! The Sound of Music? Wasn’t that Austria?

Child 22:               Well, yes. But there are lots of mountains in Wales.

Child 23:               And it is our favourite movie!

Child 24:               And it was after a Welshman, Sir George Everest, that the world’s highest peak was named.

Narrator:             What a mountaineer he must have been!

Child 24:               Hardly! He was just a surveyor! It is unlikely he ever actually saw Mount Everest – let alone scaled its heady heights!

Child 25:               Unlike that great RAF pilot – Roald Dahl. Perhaps better known for his great books! Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach, the Fantastic Mr. Fox, Matilda, the Witches, BFG!

Child 26:               Big Friendly Giant! Maybe he was thinking of Tommy Cooper! What a great comedian he was!

Narrator:             I was wondering when we were going to get back to the jokes!

Child 26:               So. A man walks into the doctor’s and says “I’ve hurt my arm in several places.” The doctor replies “Well, don’t go there any more”!

Narrator:             Very good. Now, getting back to our assembly …

Welsh Assembly in celebration of St. David’s Day MUSIC

  • 1. Welsh National Anthem
  • 2. Ying Tong Song – The Goons
  • 3. Goldfinger – Shirley Bassey
  • 4. No Matter What You Want – Badfinger
  • 5. It’s Not Unusual – Tom Jones
  • 6. Fashion – David Bowie
  • 7. Climb Every Mountain – Sound of Music
  • 8. License to Kill – Gladys Knight – Theme music to Bond movie
  • 9. Diamonds are Forever – Shirley Bassey – Theme music to Bond movie
  • 10. World In Unison – Theme song for Rugby World Cup



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