A Christmas Carol


A Christmas Carol


A Christmas Carol – an easy to deliver play – in front of school or in classroom

Detailed production notes explain how the script can be used either for performance – cast of 20 plus, or as a classroom resource, with 4 groups of 6. This is intended as an easy to deliver Christmas play – the notes for use within the classroom facilitating the process further, so that performance practise sessions can happen easily, within lesson time (i.e. guided reading exercise)

Latest feedback – 12.11.16 ‘This is great! I am using this for my 8th grade theatre students!’;  14.11.16 ‘excellent play! I did this for a Christmas concert at my school. Students and parents just loved it! The lines were not that long and students were easily able to memorize them!”

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Cast (in order of appearance – see Production Notes at the end of play for class reading and/or performance suggestions and numbers)

(*denotes doubling)

Scene 1                                               Scene 2                                                     Scene 3

Narrator                                               Narrator                                                     Narrator

Scrooge                                              Scrooge                                                      Scrooge

Bob Crachit                                         Ghost of Jacob Marley                                   Spirit of Christmas Present

Nephew                                              Spirit of Christmas Past                                  Bob Crachit (non-speaking part)

Charity Worker 1                                 Young Scrooge                                              Nephew

Charity Worker 2                                 Little Fan                                                      Child 1 – Girl (Want)

                                                                           Old Fezziwig (non-speaking part)                     Child 2 – Boy (Ignorance)                                                                                      *Belle

                                                        *Belle’s husband

Scene 4



Spirit of Christmas Future (non-speaking part)

Business Man

Old Joe (Pawn Merchant)


Bob Crachit


Narrator:             Scene 1. London – in the reign of Queen Victoria.

                        It was Christmas Eve and everybody was out having fun. (Pauses) Well, almost everybody.

 (Scrooge and Bob Crachit, both sitting, doing paperwork, at tables a little distance apart; Crachit is rubbing his hands together to keep them warm)

Scrooge:              Come on, Crachit! Haven’t you finished those papers for me yet?

Crachit:                 (Muttering) Well, it’s not so easy when your fingers are numb with cold!

Scrooge:              (Sharply) Is that meant to be some kind of excuse?

Crachit:                 (Hurriedly) No of course not, Mr. Scrooge! I was just commenting on … on …

(Crachit ‘saved’ by loud knocking at the door)

Scrooge:              And who the devil can that be?

                                (Shouting) Come in!

(Nephew comes bouncing into the room, full of jollity; goes over and shakes hands with Scrooge, and then Crachit)

Nephew:             Merry Christmas, Uncle! Merry Christmas, Bob! My, what cold hands you both have! It’s like the North Pole in here!

Scrooge:              (Coughing) And your business here today, Nephew? As you can see, some of us have work to do!

Nephew:             Oh I’m sorry, uncle! The purpose of my call was merely to invite you to Christmas dinner with us tomorrow.

Scrooge:              Well, thank you for asking but, as you know, I’m not one for all that Christmas stuff. So I’ll pass, if you don’t mind.

Nephew:             (Sighing) Very well, uncle.

(Turning to Bob Crachit, and speaking to him behind his hand)

                                I’m hoping for a miracle one year –  when  he says ‘Yes’!

Scrooge:              (Peevishly) What was that? Speak up, Nephew! You know my hearing is going ….. a little like my patience..! Now, if you don’t mind ….

Nephew:             Yes, yes. I’m off! Wishing you both … A very merry Christmas!


Crachit:                 What a charming young man! You must be so proud of him?

Scrooge:              (Looking up from his papers) Hey? What? Have you done those papers for me yet, or am I going to be waiting ‘til midnight?

Crachit:                 I sincerely hope not! Don’t you know what day it is today, Mr. Scrooge?

Scrooge:              Are you still talking?

Crachit:                 But it’s Christmas Eve, Mr. Scrooge. If I could go just a little earlier than usual, so I have some time with my family?

Scrooge:              Christmas! Humbug! All this fuss and nonsense! Bah! Humbug I say!

(Loud knocking at the door)

Scrooge:              Now what?

                                (Thunders) Come in!

(2 Charity Workers nervously usher themselves into the office)

Charity Worker 1:             Ah! Mr. Scrooge, I believe!

Scrooge:              (Angrily) You believe right! What do you want?

(Both Charity Workers hold out alms boxes for the poor)

Charity Worker 2:             At this time of year …

Scrooge:              (Interrupting) I wish to be left alone! Crachit? Show these good people to the door!

Both Workers:   But Mr. Scrooge! A little charity!

Scrooge:              Charity? Bah Humbug to you and all your good causes! Just leave me in peace!

(Crachit ushers Charity Workers, still protesting, towards the door, apologizing as he lets them out)

(Exit Charity Workers)

Scrooge:              Peace at last! And as my patience has run its course for today, you may also show yourself out, Mr. Crachit!

Crachit:                 Are you sure, Mr. Scrooge?

Scrooge:              (Impatiently) Of course I’m sure! Just go before I change my mind!

(Crachit grabs his coat and runs for the door)

Crachit:                 A merry Christmas to you, Mr. Scrooge!


(Scrooge mutters a few more ‘Bah Humbug’s and continues with his work)

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