Midsummer Nightmare alias Midsummer Night’s Dream


Midsummer Nightmare alias Midsummer Night’s Dream


Midsummer Nightmare is, as the name suggests, just that – for its producer!

You’d think that putting on a summer camp production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream would be a doddle, right? WRONG! This particular production is the stuff of nightmares – as our hapless teacher is about to find out! Never in his wildest dreams would he have imagined the consequences of falling asleep whilst reading one of his favourite Shakespeare plays.

Same story – but a radically different cast – with a little help from Michael Jackson’s Thriller!

Midsummer Nightmare has an estimated length of performance: 30 – 40 minutes (depending on dancing/singing time). For a longer version, please email sue@plays-r-ussell.com – Sue is currently working on a stage version for her local theatre company.

Written for a cast of 10, 14 or 14 plus. Comprehensive production notes ensure an easy transition from small to a large cast.

This play does not include the play performed by Bottom, etc (for the Duke of Athens). This is because the script was originally written for 10. Another version, including this ‘play within a play’ is now available, called Midsummer Nightmare II., with a cast of 17; and a third script Midsummer Nightmare III:  50 minutes, with a cast of 25.

Other Shakespeare scripts

Midsummer Nightmare Sample text

Music 7  Michael Jackson’s Thriller

(Enter Oberon and Puck, doing own version of above song)

Teacher:              Oh no! Not that beastly song again!

Oberon:               Pardon! We happen to think we could out-dance those guys from Hollywood, in our wood, any day!

Puck:                     Yeah! We don’t even need to add makeup!

Oberon:               But shush! Who goes there? Our Athenian couple – restored to love?

(Sounds of shouting)

It doesn’t sound very harmonious!

Music 8 Beat It – Michael Jackson

(Enter Demetrius and Hermia, singing and dancing to above)

Hermia:                So, what didn’t you understand about (shouting) BEAT IT!

Demetrius:         But I love you!

Hermia:                Get out of my sight! If I ever see you again, I will kill you!

(Exit Hermia)

(Oberon and Puck standing at side, making observations, unheard by Demetrius)

Oberon:               Something is very wrong here! Puck!

(Grabbing him as he tries to make a quick exit)

What have you done?

Puck:                     Well, see, I gave those drops to some Athenian, as you said. But it was some other bloke, not this one! Did I mess up?

Oberon:               I’ll say! Now we have two guys in love with just one girl.  Go undo your mistakes. Find Helena!

(Exit Puck)

(Demetrius falls to the ground and starts snoring)

Oberon:               Now I shall anoint his eyes and make sure everything is all right this time!

(Oberon squeezes drops onto eyelids of Demetrius)

(Enter Helena)

(Demetrius wakes up and beholds Helena)

Demetrius:         My love!

(Enter Lysander, running after Helena)

Lysander:            No! My love!

(Both Lysander and Demetrius drop to their knees)

Together:            (Shouting at each other) My love!

Helena:                How cruel you are to jest with me!

Lysander:            ‘Tis no jest to me! Can’t you see? I love thee!

Helena:                Oh please, no more of that awful poetry!  It might work for Hermia but it really does nothing  for me!

Demetrius:         Well said!

Helena:                And don’t  think I can’t see through your cruel game, you two timer, you!

Lysander:            You tell him, girl! He certainly isn’t worthy of your love!

Helena:                (Laughing hysterically) And you are? Oh please! You are both pathetic!

(Enter Hermia)

Hermia:                Ah Lysander! There you are!

Lysander:            And what brings you here? Can’t you see I’m busy – wooing Helena!

Hermia:                What cruel trickery is this?

Helena:                That was my question! And how clever of you to have joined in too!

Hermia:                (In astonishment) What?

Helena:                Oh don’t think I can’t see what is going on here! The three of you, all having a real good laugh at my expense! Shame on you, Hermia, or should I say ‘puppet’?

Hermia:                Why, you’ve got a nerve! After stealing my Lysander, you painted maypole!

Helena:                How dare you, you vixen!

(Two girls fly at each other, nails drawn)

Teacher:              Oh my! Is this going to continue all night long? How can a midsummer dream turn into such a nightmare?



For performance rights, please select from options below. Please note that these are in addition to the price of the play (11.99). For extra certificates (additional performances) and any queries re: performance rights please email me on: sue@plays-r-ussell.com




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