Snow White and the Twenty Two Dwarfs


Snow White and the Twenty Two Dwarfs


Snow White and the Twenty Two Dwarfs

Cast Size: 30 *easily adapted Duration: 10 – 15 mins.

Snow White and the Twenty Two Dwarfs is intended as a fun, easy to produce play – cast size *easily adapted up or down by just adding on or taking off a few dwarfs! Which isn’t to say they don’t play a vital part – this Snow White is definitely a force to be reckoned with!

Running duration – about 10 to 15 minutes – or more if optional music suggestions are included (Our House – Crosby Stills Nash and Young – about a welcome addition to someone’s house, adds a nice dose of irony to a play about a squatter/home-wrecker!)

This play Snow White and the Twenty Two Dwarfs …. yes, there are a few more than usual, but with good reason! … is a  rather different version of the well-known fairy tale. This Snow White is certainly no angel – squatter, home wrecker, glutton – and she proves more than a match for the wicked queen. Luckily the dwarfs have reinforcements to hand (what did I say about there being a good reason for the extra number of dwarfs?!) and so there is a happy ending – for everyone but the prince!


In celebration of Jacob Grimm’s birthday (Jan 4): Collection of Alternative Fairy Tales – 3 for the price of two! Choose 2 from Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White – and get your third choice FREE! (Just put in an order for two scripts and I will send third on, along with other two, as email attachment)


Narrator:             Good morning and welcome to our Christmas play – Snow White

(Snow White steps forward, smiling and curtseying to audience, then sits down again)

Narrator:             And the ..

(All 22 Dwarfs stand up, and bow)

Narrator:             Hey! Wait a minute! There are only meant to be seven Dwarfs!

(First seven step forward, introducing themselves)

Scruffy:                                (Pulling jacket down, tucking in trousers) Scruffy!

Moody:                (Sighing) Moody!

Jolly:                      (Cheerfully) Jolly!

Dozy:                     (Yawning) Dozy!

Sorry:                    (Apologetically)Who? Me? Oh, I’m sorry! My name’s …. Sorry!

Fidgety:                                (Fidgeting) Fidgety!

Dummy:               (Scratching head) Er, em …. Dummy!

Narrator:             OK! So who are the rest of you?

(Each step forward in turn)

Hungry:                                (Rubbing tummy)  Hungry!

Witty:                    (Laughing) Witty!

Wheezy:              (Coughing, wheezily) Wheezy!

Giggly:                  (Giggling) Giggly!

Hiccuppy:            (Hiccupping) Hiccuppy!

Lazy:                      (Stretching) Lazy!

Sniffy:                   (Sniffing) Sniffy!

Dizzy:                    (Clutching head) Dizzy!

(Pause while everyone waits for Tardy)

Narrator:             (Coughing) Next! Who are we waiting for?

Tardy:                   Oh, sorry, that would be me, Tardy …as usual!

Huffy:                   (Huffing) Huffy!

Sulky:                    (Tutting) Sulky!

Grouchy:             (Snorting) Grouchy!

Friendly:              (Smiling) Hiya! Friendly!

Burpy:                   (Burping) Whoops! Pardon me! Burpy!

Clumsy:                (Tripping) Oops! There I go again! Clumsy!

Narrator:             (Spluttering incredulously) But.. But that makes twenty two! Who ever heard of Snow White and the Twenty Two Dwarfs?!

Scruffy:                Allow me to explain!

Narrator:             (Retorting) I think you’d better!

Scruffy:                Well, we started off as Seven

(Turns round to glare at Snow White)

Scruffy:                But I had to call in reinforcements to help clear up the mess she left behind!

Narrator:             The mess? What are you saying?

Scruffy:                Only that little miss ‘whiter than white’ over there was in fact a lazy, good for nothing squatter and home wrecker!

Narrator:             (Incredulously) WHAT?

Scruffy:                You heard! And if you don’t believe me, I have (pauses) not just seven but 21 witnesses to testify!

(Snow White jumps up)

Snow White:      It’s lies! All lies! They’re just jealous coz I went off with my prince!

All Dwarfs:          Jealous? We pity the poor man!

(Prince looking exhausted, hanging his head; Narrator glances over at him)

Narrator:             Hmm. He doesn’t look in such good shape. So! Time to reveal the true tale!  We have no time for fairy tales here! Let’s start at the beginning …..

(Enter Snow White’s mother, the Queen, sewing, taking pins from heart-shaped pin cushion)

Queen:                 Ah me! All these hours of sewing! Sooooooooo… BORING!

(Loud knocking at the door)

Queen:                 Who goes there?

(Enter Clumsy, carrying a tray with cup and saucer)

Clumsy:                Only I, Clumsy, m’lady! Bringing you your …. (trips) .. Oops! Oh I’m so sorry!

(Cup tips over Queen, who screams as blood from her finger covers the white cloth, with ebony frame, that she’s working on)

Queen:                 (Shrieking) Now look what you’ve gone and made me do! You’re fired! Go join your brothers

(All Dwarfs stand up)

All Dwarfs:          (Together) Us?

(Sit down)

Queen:                 Yes, you! Moody, lazy, sulky, tardy, scruffy, clumsy  – you name it! What a family!

(Exit Clumsy)

Queen:                 But … why am I  complaining?

(Pointing to red ‘blood’, white cloth, and black ebony frame in turn)

Queen:                 This will be the colour of my daughter’s lips! This will be the colour of her skin! This will be the colour of her hair! A real beauty …. Just like her mum!


Narrator:             Sadly, this lady died in childbirth. But her daughter was every bit as beautiful as she had hoped.

(Enter King cooing over baby he’s holding)

King:                      Who’s got the sweetest little red lips? Oh yes you have!

All Dwarfs:          Oh no she hasn’t!

King:                      And who’s got the loveliest white skin? Oh yes you have!

All Dwarfs:          Oh no she hasn’t!

King:                      And who’s got the most beautiful black hair? Oh yes you have!

All Dwarfs:          Oh no she hasn’t!

(Exit King and baby)

(Enter Wicked Queen, walking along row of Dwarfs, shaking hands with all of them)

Narrator:             OK! So the next queen certainly agreed with you lot. A shame her mirror didn’t!

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