The Twelve Labours of Hercules Assembly


The Twelve Labours of Hercules Assembly


The Twelve Labours of Hercules Assembly

For 7 – 11 year olds

The Twelve Labours of Hercules Assembly has a cast of 30 – easily adaptable up or down; Duration around 15 minutes not including music suggestions – this could double the length of the assembly or class play.

Every teacher’s dream come true. An Ancient Greek superhero calling in to reignite the class’s interest in a subject they have been doing all term! Hercules does so well until the arrival of that wicked king Eurystheus; but it doesn’t take long before the latter realises his mistake in taking on this class – and it is truly heartening for all teachers everywhere to hear such respect from Hercules for their magnificent efforts!

Enjoy The Twelve Labours of Hercules in fun, entertaining style – if it works for this set of children, it will definitely work for yours!

Hercules features in two other scripts written by Sue Russell:

1.      Superheroes Assembly – where Hercules has the dubious pleasure of converting a class of very un-super heroes … into super heroes!

2.      Twelve New Labours of Hercules – in which the tables are turned on Hercules as he is the student on a self-improvement programme – this one with its focus on PSHE (i.e. ‘admirable’ character qualities!)

Sample Text:

Eurystheus:        (To Narrator) Now. How many labours have we done?

Narrator:             Just three!

(Loud groan from cast)

Child 20:               What? Nine more to go?

Child 21:               You have to be kidding?

Child 22:               This had better be good!

Eurystheus:        (Peevishly) What is it with these kids? A case of short attention span or what?

(Cast all cross arms angrily, in defiant posture)

Narrator:             I’d be careful what you say, if I were you! This lot are easily upset and you might just find yourself in a bit of a spot!

Eurystheus:        (Laughing) Are you suggesting I should be worried by a load of kids? Oh don’t make me laugh!

(To cast) Now. About this fourth labour.

(Whole cast yawns loudly)

Hercules’ task was to capture the Erymanthian Boar.

Child 23:               Did someone say ‘bore’?

Child 24:               As in, bore us to death’

Child 24:               I think we can safely say, he already has!

(Whole cast nod)

Eurystheus:        Now wait a minute!

(Eurystheus walks over to the props box and tries to find ‘Boar’)

Eurystheus:        (Muttering) it must be in here somewhere!

(Child 25, who had, unseen by Eurystheus, crept over to the props box and taken the Boar, pounces out at him, making him leap in the air and scream with terror; Hercules falls about laughing, as does the rest of the cast)

Hercules:             (To Eurystheus) I bet you’re wishing you had that large jar to jump into! Just as when I brought that same boar back on my shoulders and presented it to you! Gave you the shock of your life, then, too!

Eurystheus:        (Collecting himself, in annoyance) Not a bit of it! As if I, the great King Eurystheus, would fear a mere boar!

Child 25:               Looked pretty like that, to us!

Eurystheus:        Well, you’re just children!

(Aside to audience) What do they say about never working with animals or children? I’m beginning to understand why! Still, no nasty monsters in the next labour (pauses) not that I’m afraid of these monsters, of course!

The Twelve Labours of Hercules assembly/class play is one of several Ancient Greek scripts written by Sue Russell, which include:

·         two Ancient Greek assemblies based on Units 14 and 15 (UK units)


·         two sets of Guided Reading (mini) Plays – 6 speakers each, with quizzes:


The Ancient Greeks:

1.       The Gods

2.       The Olympics – Ancient and Modern

3.       The Arts

4.       War

5.       Greek Theatre


Ancient Greek Myths:

1.       Odysseus and the Cyclops

2.       Theseus and the Minotaur

3.       Tale of Two Spinners

4.       The Gorgon’s Head

5.       Pandora’s Box



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