Leavers’ Assembly for Year 6s


Leavers’ Assembly for Year 6s


Leavers’ Assembly for Year 6s

Leavers’ Assembly for Year 6s, is a lighthearted romp through what they have learnt – with reference to The Big Three (Core Subjects) and not forgetting the Nine Foundation Subjects! The focus is on history (Romans through to the present day) but there are plenty of cross-curricular links along with ‘mandatory’ reference to Literacy and Numeracy Strategies (which ones?!) and other equally ‘important’ matters – such as what the dinner ladies are serving up!

Cast: Written for a year group of around 90, 3 classes – speaking parts for all, but easily adaptable to smaller year group or fewer classes.

Duration: The reading time is relatively short (around 10/15 minutes) so favourite poems or extracts from favourite stories could be added – for children to read or recite. Likewise with favourite Art and D.T. projects (evidence for which may still be at home!). There are probably endless ‘favourite bits/experiences’ that the children can remember – so this assembly could be used ‘as it is’ or ‘added onto’ as suggested – by teachers and pupils alike!

2020 ‘add on’ to Leavers Assemblies:

This can be read out by the teacher(s) or child.

Narrator: Good morning and thank you for attending our Leaver’s Assembly. The circumstances in which we gather today are of course a little different from in previous years. But we felt the celebration of our years at primary school should not be eclipsed by recent events. These years, from Reception to Year 6, are years to be treasured and we are here today to celebrate their memory with you.

Leavers’ Assembly for Year 6s Sample Text

Shakespeare:    What ho? Methinks this principal should learn a few principle facts himself! Like (embracing himself) “Some are born great, some achieve greatness” …. (pauses, pointing towards Principal)  but alas  “Some have greatness thrust upon them”!

Principal:              (Striding towards Shakespeare) Now look here, Bill! I’m the one running this show, today. You and your plays can go …

Music 5 Food Glorious Food – Oliver

(Loud outburst of “Food Glorious Food” sung by Oliver and boys. Shakespeare and Drake exit, holding their ears)

Principal:              And who might this scruffy looking lot be? They wouldn’t get into my school looking like that!

Oliver:                   (With bowl held out to Principal) More! Please sir, can I have some more?

Principal:              (Yelling) More?!

(Principal looks inside bowl, sniffs and pulls back in disgust)

Principal:              Ugh! I don’t remember this being on the cafeteria menu this morning?

(Line of dinner ladies file on, each holding a different dish, and offering food to Oliver, who samples each in turn)

Dinner lady 1:    You want to try this, young man. A healthy salad, with lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes.

Dinner lady 2:    Or this nice hot stew! A lot tastier than that there gruel you’ve been eating!

Dinner lady 3:    Or these bangers and chips!

Oliver:                   (Jumping back in alarm) Did you say ‘bangers’? Are they safe?

Dinner lady 3:    Well, judging by the number of children sitting up there behind us …..

(Children all rubbing their tummies, licking lips and making Mmmm appreciative noises)

Dinner lady 3:    I’d say yes! A popular choice – even with all the healthy alternatives we offer today!

(Enter Queen Victoria, sniffing)

Queen Victoria:                Hmm. Something round here smells appetizing.

(Goes up to Dinner Lady holding chips, and takes a couple)

Queen Victoria:                Mmmm. Not bad at all. Makes a change from … (holds up packet) … Victoria sponge!

Dinner lady 1:    Ooh Ma’am. No offence, but shouldn’t you be eating a little more of  … (holds up lettuce leaf) this kind of diet?

Queen Victoria:                (Exploding) Diet? I hope you’re not suggesting ….

Dinner  lady 1:   No, no, m’lady! No offence intended! I’m just suggesting …

Queen Victoria:                Enough! Diet, indeed! We are definitely not amused!

(Stalks off stage, everyone else following in her wake)

Principal:              Oops! Our monarchy! So easily offended!

Music 6 We Will Rock You – Queen

(Parade of rock stars file on, playing air guitars etc; whole cast singing ‘We Will Rock You’ chorus)

Principal:              Hold it! Hold it! What are this lot doing here? And  … (glaring at person operating the CD player or whoever is in charge of the music) … didn’t we discuss the idea of ‘links’ before this assembly?

CD operator:      Right. We just had Queen Victoria. This is another ‘Queen’ – the rock band!

Principal:              (Exploding) A rock band? In my school? I don’t think so! Just think of all the complaints I’ll be getting from parents! I promised to educate their children – not deafen them!

History 1:             But this is about the history of

Music block:       Music!

Principal:              (Exploding) Music? You call this music?


  • 1. School’s Out – Alice Cooper
  • 2. Yesterday – Beatles
  • 3. The Boys are Back in Town – Thin Lizzy
  • 4. Canon – Pachelbel
  • 5. Food Glorious Food – Oliver
  • 6. We will Rock You – Queen
  • 7. Rockin’ all over the World – Status Quo
  • 8. I like to move it move it – Madagascar songs
  • 9. Simpsons Theme Tune
  • 10. Simply the Best – Tina Turner

Leavers’ Assembly for Year 6s Production Directions

This assembly was written for a year group consisting of 3 classes (around 30 for each). Thus, there are 3 groups: Like, Dislike and Not Sure (reflecting feelings about school); these then change into the 3 core subjects; and finally, the 9 foundation subjects are added. This arrangement can be changed – dividing one class into three or two classes into three.

Because of the primary focus being on history, this subject has the greatest number of speakers (52) – the other subjects just having a handful.



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