Rock ‘n’ Roll Assembly (On the Study of Rocks)

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Rock ‘n’ Roll Assembly (On the Study of Rocks)


Rock n Roll Class Play/Assembly

Rock n Roll Class Play/Assembly Why not combine the study of Rocks – with good old rock ‘n’ roll! Learn what makes some rocks useful – whilst others just plain decorative!

Cast of 30

Duration: Around 10 minutes reading time but double this with the inclusion of music.

It covers all the areas of work the children will have done in class (the different characteristics of rocks and their different uses; the definition of permeable and impermeable, sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic). This curriculum-based play is fun but informative – guaranteed to be enjoyed by children and adults alike! (And if you are a fan of Shirley Bassey, check her out in Welsh Assembly where she stars again!)

Rock n Roll Class Play/Assembly,Text Samples 

Music  – Diamonds are Forever – Shirley Bassey

(Diamond: Lady covered in diamonds, struts across the stage, accompanied by Shirley Bassey’s Diamonds Are Forever)

Narrator:         And you are? (Aside) In case we hadn’t already gathered!

Diamond:        Why, Diamond, of course! Apart from my astonishing beauty, I am also extremely hard.

Builder:           She’s right! Not just a pretty face! I use diamonds to make cutting tools, like for this here drill (holding up drill).

Emerald:         And just look at me! Have you ever seen such beautiful green crystals?

Narrator:         And you are?

Emerald:         Emerald ….(flirtatiously)  but you can call me Em!

Music – Flintstones Theme Music

(Flint alias Cave Man lunges onto the stage, shaking axe in one hand, and flint in the other)

Narrator:         And who do we have here?

Flint:                (Grunting and making Ug Ug noises) I go by the name of Flint! (Holding up a piece of flint) Here – see how sharp these edges are? Just the thing for arrowheads, knives and (charging towards Narrator) axes!

Narrator:         Hey! Get him off!

(Others in cast rush to his assistance)

Narrator:         (Dusting himself down) Now, where were we?

Iron:                 I’m Iron, and I’m a metal.

Music – Rock n’ Roll Train – AC/DC

(Child with AC/DC banner, struts across stage accompanied by AC/DC track)

Narrator:         Hey! Nobody said anything about HEAVY metal!

Copper:           I’m another metal, Copper!

Builder:           Very useful for my pipes!



For performance rights, please select from options below. Please note that these are in addition to the price of the play (11.99). For extra certificates (additional performances) and any queries re: performance rights please email me on


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  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Really fun and entertaining script that saved me a lot of time! Music suggestions were easy to get hold of and the class enjoyed performing the assembly.

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