Ancient Egyptians Assembly


Ancient Egypt


Ancient Egyptians Assembly

Ancient Egyptians Assembly has Sun, sand and palm trees – sounds like the perfect holiday! But take care who you take as your travelling companions! Your dad might be well ‘chilled out’ – but watch out for that mummy! A first aid kit has its uses – but is all that bandaging really necessary? And if you thought our system of justice was lacking in any way – imagine letting a feather decide your fate! Join us on a Saharan shuffle – through the dunes and beyond!

(Also available, set of 5 guided reading play scripts (Readers Theater), with quizzes – Introduction, Farmer’s Year, Daily Life incl. Pyramids, The After-Life and The Gods –  see Guided Reading  Play Scripts Section)

Sample Texts for Ancient Egyptians Assembly

Anubis: (holding length of bandage, and walking towards Mummy) Hey! We haven’t finished with you yet! We can’t have you going to the Underworld looking like that! (Mummy lies down on the bench).

Hmm (sniffing), perhaps a touch more perfume needed, methinks. (Looks around) And who will assist me, the great Anubis, the god of mummification?

(Assistant saunters on). Yes, you‘ll do. Now, here’s my list. Make sure we’ve got everything we need. (Reads from the list).

Number 1. Insides out ….and organs stored in canopic jars

(assistant points to them).

Number 2. 40 days drying out, with salt

(assistant holds up salt and pepper pots).

No, no. No pepper, just salt.


Suggested Music:


  • 1. Walk like an Egyptian – The Bangles (Driving Pop)


Walk like an Egyptian – Alternative Radio Mix – William De Jesus

  • 2. Spirit in the Sky – Norman Greenbaum
  • 3. Heart of Gold – Neil Young
  • 4. Guilty – Blue



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