Quick Dash Through American History


Quick Dash Through American History


American History, a  Quick Dash Through American History’ Assembly

American History a quick dash,. Can it be done? 400 years of history in less than half an hour? From early colonists ‘settling in’ to present day presidents ‘wanting out’ …through wars about independence and civil liberties … join in the challenge if you dare!

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Narrator:                             Oh no! Not another war! We’ only just had the last one!

Slave 1:                                 Well, if those politicians, at the time of Independence, had done their job and done away with slavery, making us equal too, ….then none of this would have been necessary!

(Enter 2 presidents, George Lincoln and Jefferson Davis)

Lincoln:                                 Sure didn’ make my job any easier! Just under a hundred years later and there I was, in the 1860 presidential elections …..the only candidate to oppose slavery!

Davis:                                    That sure didn’ add to your popularity! Amazing you got in, given the strength of feeling in favour of slavery!

Lincoln:                                 Yeah. I don’ suppose many of you Confederates had Uncle Tom’ Cabin as Number One choice for your bedside reading!

Slave 1:                                 How could you support a cause that upheld such levels of human suffering!

Davis:                                    Er, quite easily when there was so much money at stake!

Slave 2:                                 But at what cost in terms of human lives?



  1. American National Anthem
  2. Born In The USA – Bruce Springsteen
  3. Indian Reservation – Don Fardon
  4. Black or White – Michael Jackson
  5. Wild Wild West – Will Smith (or I Shot the Sheriff – Eric Clapton)
  6. White Riot – The Clash
  7. You Ain’ Seen Nothin’ Yet – Bachman Turner Overdrive



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