Rio 2016 Olympic Games Assembly history and events and ode


Rio 2016 Olympic Games Assembly history and events and ode


Rio 2016 Olympic Games Assembly history and events and ode

This script is a combination/condensed version of two previous scripts: History of the Olympic Games and Olympic Games 2016. Whilst its main focus is coverage of all the 2016 sporting events, there is included a list of the previous ‘host nations’ (but without all the accompanying information i.e. medals won and ‘events’ on and off the course – inclusion of all this material would have made a single script far too long). Also included is the Olympic Ode – as an optional extra. Thus, the cast can be as small as 30 or as great as 75, with a cast of 52 as another possibility – the production notes explaining these numbers fully.

The duration is from 20 minutes to at least 30 minutes – this does not include music options.

Sample Text

Child 5:            Like football! Same objective but using feet instead of a stick! Oh and not forgetting that new sport – rugby sevens. New Zealand have to be the favourites having won the 2015 rugby World Cup. Course we all know how good the Brazilians are at football – oops, don’t mention the last world cup!

Narrator:         But playing at home should give them ‘the edge’

Trev:                Like in 1908 when Great Britain won gold! What a moment! Particularly as this was the first time football had been played at the Olympics! A debut to remember!

Narrator:         (Aside) Those were the days! But hey! (Shaking himself up) Who knows? Amazing things do happen at the Olympics!

Child 6:            Like that 1992 U.S. Dream Team! What a set of athletes they were – and not bad at ‘dunkin’ from what I’ve heard!

Narrator:         Dunkin? You mean, Dunkin Doughnuts? (Rubbing tummy) Mmm I’ve heard they’re pretty yummy!

Child 6:            (Throwing hands up in exasperation) No no! Not that kind of ‘dunkin’! Basketball dunkin is when the ball is slammed directly into the net using one or two hands.

(Sam demonstrates)

Narrator:         Shame! Dunkin doughnuts sounds a lot more fun! Next!

Child 7:            Handball!

(Child 5 runs over waving a red card. Narrator ushers him back to his place)

Narrator:         Sit down! You’ve had your turn! Handball is the name of this sport – not a red card offence like in football.

                        (Aside) Dear dear, just can’t get the staff these days!

                        (To Child 7) Please proceed.

Child 7:            Handball is similar to football – but we use hands instead of feet

Trev:                Which is why you’re called handball and not football!

(Whole cast applauds loudly)

Narrator:         (Laughing) Thank you so much for that! A truly amazing deduction, Master Trevor!

Trev:                (Huffily) OK, OK!

Narrator:         Oh don’t you worry! I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more from you! Next!

Child 8:            Badminton!

Trev:                (Hastily) Did you know that the feathers of these shuttlecocks (taking shuttlecock from Child 8) come from the left wing of a goose?

Child 8:            (Snatching shuttlecock back) As a matter of fact, I did know that – and was just about to tell everyone before you jumped in! Talk about stealing my thunder!

Narrator:         (Placing himself between ‘sparring’ Child 8 and Trev) Now, now! Let’s not forget the spirit of these Games! We’ll have no ‘fowl’ play thank you very much.

                        (Aside) Fowl play? Get it?! Wing of a goose? (Throws up hands) Oh never mind, I thought it was funny!


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