Winter Olympics Assembly 2026


Winter Olympics Assembly 2026


Winter Olympics Assembly 2026 – A History of the Winter Olympics from 1924 to 2026

Winter Olympics Assembly 2026 script takes us all the way from the very first Winter Olympics in 1924 to 2026, all information updated.

Cast of 30 (plus – a lot of doubling up for this one plus plenty of props!) Duration around 20 minutes not including music suggestions. Packed with fun and information!

Sample Text

(Speed skater ‘skates’ despondently up to Narrator on stage)

Narrator:         You again? Now what?

Speed Skater:  Just to let you know – speed skating had to be cancelled in the 1928 Games (pauses, looking at cast taking their winter hats, scarves and gloves off) because it was

Whole cast:     (Together) Too warm!

(Exit speed skater)

Child 9:            And it was the same in 1932 when not only there wasn’t much snow, but there weren’t many competitors either – due to the Great Depression.

Child 10:          But (waving flag) we weren’t going to let that get us down! As the hosts, the United States won the most medals.  And our Eddie Eagan, who had won a gold medal for boxing in the 1920 Summer Olympics, won gold in the bobsleigh team –  making him the first and only athlete to win gold in both Summer and Winter Olympics!


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